Universal health care – why should we care?

Well? Should we? I looked at a Wiki document at en.wikipedia.or…. It shows many of our buddies – Israel, Canada, Europe, Japan, China, etc., having it.

Pardon me!  Did I say Japan, China, and Israel?

  • Israel – didn’t they have the quickest and best medical facility set up for the Haiti earthquake disaster?
  • China – aren’t they the ones purchasing all the US debt?
  • Japan – didn’t they jump ahead of us after World War II?

Health Care – the Future

So many choices here. Can we combine modalities?

Let’s play a Star Trek game.

Suppose we had someone who went through a string of doctors…someone who had a battery of medical tests…yet no one knew what was happening. Can we get in the same room:

  1. A medical intuitive (i.e. someone who intuitively senses disease abnormalities)
  2. A specialist in oriental pulse diagnosis (i.e someone trained for years to diagnose a wide variety of illnesses via pulse diagnosis).
  3. A western medical specialist, who uses western pulse diagnosis, along with traditional medical tests (i.e. blood tests, x-rays, medical imaging, blood pressure, temperature, etc.).

Would these three be able to find a common root cause and come to a consensus? It would be an interesting experiment.

The present – Doc in the Box

I knew this woman a few years ago. She was going with a physician. When HMO facilities were just starting out, there was an inside joke among medical students – they called them “Doc in the Box”.

My mom went to a “Doc in the Box” foot specialist, for a broken toe. The doc said “she was too old”…”can’t operate”. She kept going to this “specialist” for 2 years…minor work – no surgery.

Then she asked me to search the web….find a doc…get a second opinion. Guess what? The immediate decision was to operate. There’s no “Doc in the Box” trapped in HMO red tape. She had medicare. She could pay the balance.

What’s the difference? Why did the Doc in the Box not operate but the independent specialist did?

Health Care – Universal access or Breaking Bad?

All this fuss over US universal health care? Some – with money – are afraid they will lose access to premium care.

There’s this gentleman, who belongs to a Linkedin group I run. He lives in Lake Chapala, Mexico and runs a website at http://www.chapalaclub.com/. Guess what? If you live in Mexico, you can either sign up for their health care insurance…or…have access to great private care.

If Mexico can do it, then can’t the US have a two tier system?

Perhaps we will become like Walter White of AMC’s Breaking Bad (see en.wikipedia.or…). If a person were a brilliant chemistry teacher like Walter…someone who’s diagnosed with terminal lung cancer…

As the Wiki article says…”diagnosed with stage three terminal lung cancer, but cannot afford the payment for treatment”. Then as the Wiki article continues, “He contacts Jesse and devises a scheme to ‘cook meth’ with Jesse, and distribute it to pay for his operations. “

Would a US universal health care option have prevented his fictional life of crime?

My current dilemma

Here I am – pondering over this new announcement. We are making a move towards US universal health care.

What do people fear? Perhaps I need to get all ‘generic’ OTC drugs now. Maybe they even force me to go to dollar stores. Perhaps get their name labels, like Captain Cuckoo or Hopalong Cassidy.

I also like these alternative methods.

Don’t worry folks. Remember the Wiki article and Lake Chapala!



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