Go Daddy, Host Gator, Business Plans and Marketing Superstars

Questions I had this week on Host Gator, Go Daddy, business plans and other marketing/technology trivia.

Should I go with Go Daddy or Host Gator?

I thought since Joshua is a big fan of Go Daddy and I’m one of Host Gator, there’s a good, objective comparison at thewebhostinghe….

What I noticed about Go Daddy is in regards to their log analyzers. They utilize Report Magic, which works off the Analog log analyzer. The problem is that Analog hasn’t been updated in years. Host Gator runs Webalizer and AWStats, which both have also been around for years – but with 2010 updates. They are still active log analyzer projects being worked on.

Should I work with the SBDC counselor or hire Joshua to create a business plan?

Joshua have different perceptions regarding the Small Business Development Centers at http://www.asbdc-us.org/ . Joshua and his clients feel that they don’t have leaders with business backgrounds. This might be true – perhaps for certain junior colleges in Chicago.

On the other hand, I know the leaders at Harper, College Of DuPage , Elgin Community College and Wabaunsee Community College. I did ask their backgrounds. They either ran their own businesses in the past or are still running them.

I should also add that I have my preferences for the “best” centers. I prefer the Jewish Vocational Services (JVS) in Chicago and the SBDC at Harper Community College.

Should you consult a SBDC or hire an expert, to do something like a business plan?

I say you should do both, if time and money were both considerations. If you worked on your own, with the help of SDBC consultants, then what do you have? You have done the research needed and asked the right questions.

A paid consultant would ask you these questions, in order to do the research. And they would charge a large fee to do so. So if time and money were no issue, and I was doing a business plan – for example:

  1. I would work on my own, with the help of SBDC consultants.
  2. I would then have a paid consultant polish it.
  3. Then I would take back the paid consultant’s polished version, for review by an SBDC consultant.

I hope this gives some perspective for everyone – especially Roger – who is looking into his own business.

Lastly, I would avail myself of low cost and free courses by the SBDC and SCORE centers.

Any weaknesses with Host Gator?

Just one! It’s the backup system. They do a full backup once a week. You can backup your system via Cpanel and save it in the home directory. But what happens if there is a server hardware failure? I recommend the offsite backup to http://adrive.com.

What they lack is offsite storage.

  • With the new, projected http://adrive.com addition, we will have off-site storage
  • This storage is back up several times a day.
  • Copies are sent to their servers in California and New York
  • They utilize Net App technology
  • They also offer support

Can you now see why Host Gator + A-Drive off-site storage is a dynamic hybrid? All for only an additional $70 per year.

I’m going to Dan Kennedy’s No-BS Chicago group meeting.

Excellent. Dan K. is a first class marketer and copywriter.

If you haven’t signed up for their free newsletter, I recommend the Make Peace Total Package at http://www.makepeacetotalpackage.com/ . In case you don’t know anything about Clayton, he makes over $1 million a year in copywriting and marketing royalties. He and his marketing/copywriting pays share valuable insights Monday – Friday.

Another great newsletter is found at http://www.copyblogger.com /.

Tony. Here’s something you might not know about either Clayton Makepeace or Dan Kennedy (whose meetings you attended with Roger and Joshua). Neither one graduated from high school, but they both are worth millions – and they keep rolling it in each year.



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