Internet Radio, Page Peels and Cosmopolitan

Now for an advertising tidbit:

Here’s something interesting. Go to, and look at the right hand, top corner – earn money. Put your mouse over the corner. See how that peels away?

Fortunately, I came across something interesting with the latest release of Crawl Protect ( ). They have may provisions for Page Ear – see… . Put your mouse over the right hand corner, like you did for iDevAffiliate.

I’m not sure if I will be exploring these avenues or utilizing them myself. I might play with the Page Ear WordPress plug-in

Have you ever hosted a radio show? How about one on the Internet?

A while back, I’ve experimented with this format. One main contender is Blog Talk Radio at As the British might say – or do they? – it’s a jolly good show.

A lesson from Cosmopolitan

What is Cosmopolitan (…)? It’s a magazine devoted to contemporary women. It’s probably more devoted to contemporary women you find in Hollywood fiction movies.

Why you ask? If you glace at the cover, everything is devoted to SEX. I dated this woman a few years ago. She was in the supermarket and waiting in line at the checkout. What did she see? A issue of Cosmopolitan.

Guess what? She couldn’t believe that everything was devoted to SEX. Now they don’t have naked men posing, like you find women doing in magazines for men. But the Cosmopolitan articles are very explicit.

Now I had a couple of interesting experiences recently. I went into a Meijer‘s store (…) recently. They had all their Cosmopolitan copies covered up – except for the title.

Contrast this with Walgreen’s (, where the full copy is on the magazine shelves – for all to see.

What does this teach me about Internet radio? Don’t cover up anything. Make the show what it is – even it it turns out to be controversial!

Like Cosmopolitan. Perhaps they should have a rendition of that classic Beatles song: “Why don’t we do it in the road?” – see….

Or perhaps a female Cosmopolitan reader fancies herself as the French female demon in The Ninth Gate (see en.wikipedia.or…). You know the scene I mean? It’s where the building is burning, because the Satanist failed to summons the Ninth Gate. The female seduces the book dealer, and makes love to him, while the building burns. Her eyes reflect a demonic glow.

Back to Internet Radio

I’m starting and promoting an Internet radio show for a client. It will be a show devoted to golf and education.

Right now, we are just doing some practice runs, with live shows scheduled sometime in May. Even the practice runs are live, since we use the Blog Talk Radio control panel. Stop on by and listen at blogtalkradio.c….


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