Tier V 99ers – Tea Party? Let Them Eat Cake

What is a Tier V 99er? It’s someone who has gone through 99 weeks of unemployment help but is still without a job.

Hard to imagine? Not if we still have statistical numbers, talking about 10% unemployment. There’s an interesting article at worldnewsvine.c…. Notice all the reader commentary! What are they saying? “Help, I’m drowning in a sea of debt.”

But wait! Remember what happened when the plight of peasants, was brought to the attention of Marie-Thérèse, the wife of Louis XIV (see en.wikipedia.or…).

Remember the scene? She was told that the peasants have no bread to eat. Her remark? “Let them eat cake.” Some reflections on what this phase met are found at phrases.org.uk/….

The evidence shows that the poor queen probably never uttered these words. If she were alive today, she may say something like this:

“Why worry about jobs, when your health is in Jeopardy? Isn’t health care a more pressing need?”

Or maybe she would say something like this:

“Never mind. Help is on the way. Look at the numbers. Can’t you see all the jobs the government is creating?”

Meanwhile, back at the Tea Party

So I’m working on this creative video project for a client. One of the creative folks is a popular Chicago radio personality, whom I will nickname Steve.

Steve was talking about the Tea Party meetings and how the news media was portraying them.

The media portrays them as gun loving conservatives, each carrying a picture of Rush Limbo.

But Steve protests.

There are black folks there, welcomed with open arms. There are democrats there, also welcomed with open arms.

In fact, one black democrat voted for Obama, but was welcomed with open arms.

Should I believe Steve? Why not? Heck! I could attend a tea party convention and see if he was telling the truth.

On to the history channel – Invisibility

They were talking about experiments, to make a Navy ship disappear. Did the experiment ever take place? Was it successful?

We will probably never know. But I did find out this:

  • The History Channel issued a famous magician this challenge. Make some large object disappear in plain view. He did succeed in making a car disappear, with 30 people forming a circle. He had a curtain covering the car. Then it disappeared from both eye view and radar images.
  • Some Ivy league professors have created magnetic devices, that can bend light waves. If you put some items in a certain area of the electromagnet – they disappeared. I think there were some new metallic structures utilized.
  • Some Japanese professor was working on a coat – it looks like Detective Colombo‘s raincoat – that can bend images. It you look at the coat this professor wore, you can see right through it. It was time for the first public demonstration in years. After working for hours, he told the assistants that “things were not quite right.” Then he made some adjustments and demonstrated his coat, in a public setting. It worked. I’ve seen it on the History Channel.

Meanwhile, back to our soap opera.

  • Has the current administration abandoned the 99ers to a fate of starvation and homelessness?
  • Will the 99ers discover the Tea Party and work with them during the upcoming November election?
  • Will the current administration don those invisibility suites and disappear?

Stay tuned for the next exciting segment of Let Them Eat Cake.



2 thoughts on “Tier V 99ers – Tea Party? Let Them Eat Cake

  1. Remember the lady with “where’s the Beef” from Wendy’s? If not, look at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aISkVvi5iI8 or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Where%27s_the_beef%3F. So when the current administration says, “look at the jobs we are creating” (i.e. whether democrats or republication), keep yelling: “Where’s the jobs?”

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