Intuitive Intelligence – What’s it all about, Alfie?

Ever watch the film, “What’s it all about, Alfie?” You can find a description of this film at en.wikipedia.or…. It’s about somebody trying to sort out their life – it’s really a bloody mess, folks.

But we talked about intelligence. There’s many kinds of intelligence.

There’s the type of academic intelligence. I have a couple friends like this.

  • One I call Dora, who belongs to the Greek Orthodox church. She has a PhD from Oxford and a Masters from the University of Chicago. One of her children is a professor at Harvard and the other does original research, for a major corporation.
  • Another I call Joshua, who is working on a PhD and plans to join Mensa.

There’s a type of intelligence called criminal intelligence. Perhaps this is exemplified by Al Capone. Al once said he could be anything he want’s – even be a CEO of a major corporation. But he used his talents, to further a criminal empire – much like the Kingpin, in the fictional Daredevil movie.

Then there’s emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is talked about on Wiki at en.wikipedia.or…. In essence, it’s all about utilizing the emotions.

Then there’s intuitive intelligence. What’s that? The term came to the surface, when I was interviewed for a TV game, reality show. If such a meeting ever took place – and it’s not a fiction of my imagination – I can’t talk anything about the meeting.

But if such a meeting took place, then maybe the term intuitive intelligence surfaced during the interview. What is this? Somebody already coined the term and put their own slant on it. You can find it defined at francischolle.c….

Intuitive Intelligence

So what did this person coin?

This is what they say:

“Intuitive Intelligence is defined as the combination of 4 abilities:”

  • “The ability to think holistically”
  • “The ability to think paradoxically”
  • “The ability to listen and connect to oneself and others”
  • “The ability to lead by influence rather than design”

But did Francis Cholle really discover “Intuitive Intelligence?” Or just “coin his version” of what has existed for centuries?

Limburger cheese in the air conditioning ducts?

Remember the actor Marlon Brando?

What’s not widely known is he attended high school in Libertyville, Illinois. At least, that’s the information I gather, from listening to a local Chicago area, radio show.

Did I hear them correctly? Did they say Marlon Brando put Limburger cheese in the high school air conditioning ducts?

Maybe he could say something like this: “PU. This place sure stinks. Can we let school out early?”

Was he utilizing Intuitive Intelligence?

If not, he was certainly thinking “outside the box”.

Remember the lady with “where’s the Beef” from Wendy’s? If not, look at…. So when the current administration says, “look at the jobs we are creating” (i.e. whether democrats or republication), keep yelling: “Where’s the jobs?”

Look at that Wendy’s YouTube commercial closely.  Notice the spot where they bring out “the big bun”?  When you open it, there’s just a little piece of meat.

Maybe that “big bun” is our current federal jobs program.  Maye that “little piece of meat” is “the real jobs”  Keep yelling with the elderly lady.  Instead of saying, “where’s the beef,” yell, “where’s the jobs?”

Or say something like this, if it smells like Limburger cheese is inside the air conditioning ducts:

“PU. This place sure stinks.”

So when you hear the term “intuitive intelligence”, even if it comes from the subconscious – don’t ignore it. It might be speaking to you.

Let me leave you with this thought, that came to me this week:

If you learn to sit quietly…you can discover what the mind truly is…it’s true potential….and what you can really do with it.



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