Welcome to real healing magic of the Amega Wand

Now this device resembles a fancy gold pen and is supposed to contain secret crystals…it sells in a MLM marketing scheme for $300.  Let’s look at a YouTube video (original vs a competitive and much cheaper clone) at youtube.com/wat….

You see, I have this friend I’ll call Rugby. I won’t reveal his true name. Let’s just say he’s very familiar with what I call “real energy healing processes.” But when I visited him last week, he pulls out this fancy pen.

He then proceeds to ask what is wrong with everyone. Rugby talks of things like skeptics he worked on, talking about remarkable healing. He then works on everyone for a minute and asks for feedback.

Well, one minute is too soon to tell. When I asked to examine this remarkable healing device, I was told that it would contaminate the energy. It appears it only works for the purchaser.

Now I won’t put Rugby down. Maybe this is the greatest healing device since sliced bread. If so, why not open up the device to scientific study and gain more credibility?

Herbal Lore

Now keep in mind, I’m a big believer in alternative medicine and energy modalities, that have stood the test of time. You might find me experimenting with:

For the record, I wouldn’t utilize the herbal lore of western traditions, unless it’s from the ingenious population. But I would welcome contributions from Ayurveda, TCM, Tibetan and Unani (Islamic – see lifepositive.co…) traditions.

Time for a homeopathic hypothetical example

I might utilize the science of homeopathy. Suppose I suffered from post traumatic stress disorder. There would be different approaches to treat this…therapy, hypnosis, traditional pharmaceuticals, etc.

If you are familiar with homeopathy, you might utilize Aconitum Napellus (i.e. Latin name) or rescue remedy. Suppose you had this ailment all your life, and Aconitum and rescue remedy only supplied temporary relief.

Then you might apply a very high potency of Aconitum. But from which pharmaceutical company, as homeopathic batches vary from company to company?

If I take the recommendation of my homeopath friend and professional consultant, I would utilize a 10 M batch from the Hahnemann labs at hahnemannlabs.com…. And any US professional homeopath who’s been around would agree – their lab is the best.

LM potency and magnetic manufacturing

Suppose we have something called intuitive intelligence, which I wrote about earlier. I might then feel I needed a higher potency. I might read an article on LM and CM potency at hanp.net/genera…

Perhaps I might want to experiment with an LM potency using another manufacturing process, which I would read about at nicko500.co.uk/…

Or I might think thought can influence making a remedy, like the article mentions at robertfield3.wo.. .

What to do?

How about experimenting with a 50 LM potency, made by a magnetic process (i.e – only use higher than 30 C), like the company Celletech embraces at celletech.com/…?

Then at the same time, apply a CM potency from the second best US pharmaceutical company – Standard homeopathic pharmacy at txoptions.com/sho….

Just to insure I take the LM potency correctly, I follow the advice at classicalhomeopat….

Any hypothetical example I might have come up with, for post traumatic stress disorder, might magically have disappeared – with a minimum of aggravations (i.e. bumps in the road).

But we are testing 2 theories here:

  • The Magnetic mechanical method Celletech utilizes to make the LM potency is valid and I should notice some effects, after taking the 50 LM dosage – following the 10 M from the Hahnemann labs
  • Since remedies on the C scale will aggravate towards the beginning….and LM towards the end…both together will result in minimum aggravations.

On to Hydrogen

So I’m back…chatting about my hypothetical experiment in homeopathy.  But this homeopath shows me some proving done with hydrogen.  I’m reading through the description …I notice one entry where… they talk about first entering the darkness…then entering into light.  Two things come to mind:

  • The theories of psychiatrist Carl Jung, regarding the shadow self.
  • The medieval Christian mystical literature….especially “The Dark Night of the Soul” by St. John of the Cross

Back to Rugby

Did you follow all this, folks? Well, traditional doctors might shake their heads. They would think both Rugby and I were crazy. They might say that the placebo effect is relevant in both examples. But my solution is cheaper than the $300 magic pen.

Is this magic pen better than…a Sufi healing talisman?…A Native American (i.e red road) healing ceremony?…an Eastern healing mantra?…prayers by a Christian Scientist?…A pentecostal healing service?…or the homeopathic process I just described?

Don’t get me wrong here, folks.  I’ll a full believer in prayer and spiritual healing – as long as it works in conjunction with conventional and alternative healing.  After all, didn’t Luke…who hung around Paul and the miracle working apostles…never ceased being a physician?

Now back to the magic pen!  Perhaps if I wait until a competitive pen comes out, I can get it on an infomercial for just $19.95. And they might throw in an attachable nail clippers, dog whistle and carrying case – for no extra charge.


4 thoughts on “Welcome to real healing magic of the Amega Wand

  1. Amega wand is recommended for anyone with an interest in HEALING & metaphysics. And especially those with chronic or physical injury.

    1. Lucille:

      Amega wand might have its supporters. But let me raise two questions:

      1. Why would the $300 Amega wand function any better than the copy cat version I mentioned earlier, in the blog post – which is also much cheaper?

      2. If the manufacturer wishes to support claims with scientific studies, why not just sponsor some double bind studies, to prove the wand’s benefit?

      In lieu of double bind scientific studies, which can be replicated, I prefer to utilize the much cheaper, copy cat versions. It’s like buying generic OTC remedies versus name brands. In my experience, OTC generic remedies work just as well (although I personally would use homeopathy or traditional herbal approaches first).


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