What statistics WordPress package ? The real answer!

There’s tons of blog entries talking about this. Yet few pointing out the underlying issues.

Here’s what it boils down to. Either you put strain on your own MySQL database and server…or you allow someone else to handle the server load.

If you use a third party service, you run into limitations. Most will set limits on the log files. If you wish them to be bigger, then you pay for extra log space.

We will talk a bit more later…but first

A friend from Amazon Kindle

When I was at Motorola, I mentioned this person for an engineering, green belt project.

Then he got laid off, and hooked with with Amazon Kindle in California.

Now he’s back. He’s visiting family in Chicago and we start talking. I hooked him up with my friend Roger, who has also worked at Motorola – before his recent layoff. Perhaps he can share some tips and leads with Roger.

Then the NCIS memorial day marathon.

Wiki tells you more about this at en.wikipedia.or…. It’s a really service, folks. Just look at the federal website at ncis.navy.mil/…. I watched several episodes on Memorial Day on USA TV.

For the next party I attend, I would love to chat with medical examiner Donald “Ducky” Mallard and forensic specialist Abigail “Abby” Sciuto. They would be the life of the party – Not!

Recommended WordPress Statistics Plug-ins.

There’s a blog post covering the top at blog.taragana.c… and blogof.francesc…. We’ll talk about a couple later. Let’s first see what my associates endorse.

I likes Wassup at http://www.wpwp.org/. I’ve actually tried it and find the statistics “very comprehensive”. The reports are great and give considerable detail, regarding blog activity.

Mr. J Stat Press at statpress.org/…. I’ve seen it installed on a WordPress blog and it’s also very nice.

What do you notice with these two plug-ins?

Only 1 person is usually working on it. It also utilizes the WordPress database and adds additional tables to it – along with additional overhead.

If you’re going to using a solution, where you run your own database, why not use Piwik at http://piwik.org/?

Why? They have a team of people working on it. Since it is open source and well established, nerds from around the world fix bugs.

But you still have the problem of server load, as it runs on a MySQL database, which you end up on your web hosting company.

How important are missed statistics?

You heard about the big democratic “health care” initiative? Sounds like an impressive statistic. Recently, I’m making an appointment to an orthopaedic specialist. She is fully covered by medicare.

But I’m told they can only see so many medicare patients, as they are cutting physician’s fees by 21%

Excuse me! Did you miss that statistic? You cut medicare physicians’ fees by 21%…physicians are taking less medicare patients (as they prefer patients will full insurance packages)…doesn’t this nullify this big universal health care initiative?

Now for some WordPress solutions

So what should a person do. I recommend two solutions:


Unless you have a liking to a particular developer and wish to utilize your own MySQL database and hosting server – don’t. You have much better luck with Google Analytics for WordPress, Analytics360 and WordPress.com plug-ins.

Don’t forget to set up a 3rd party monitoring service. May I recommend Uptime Spy at uptimespy.com/…?

An offer to a connection

I asked a group a few days ago, where someone could get some professional blogging, articles, videos, documents, etc for visitors?   I mentioned it was a LinkedIn connection.  Nobody had an answer. Have they read the Little Red Hen fairy tale?

I forgot to mention one detail.  This person works for a major telecommunications company in the Netherlands.

Now I have great compassion for people. It probably comes from my ongoing dialogue with various faith traditions, where I picked up Buddhist compassion.  It’s a great compliment to Christian Love.

Since I embrace compassion, I mentioned he could use any blog technology material – free of charge.  All he needed to include was a valid link to my blog at http://b2b-techcopy.net.  It was an easy problem to solve.

Someone told me about this content sharing site, which I also shared with him, at seolinkvine.com….



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