Which industry niches still value copywriters and pay them a fair fee?

That’s the question asked today in LinkedIn:

“Have spent far too long in the wrong niche (clean water industry) trying to find clients who value what I offer them – as a professional web copywriter and website optimization specialist.”

“Need to cast my net into a different part of the sea, but not sure which part.”

“Looking for an industry where”

  • “I don’t have to spend hours trying to educate them about the value of copywriting”
  • “My skills are not seen as just a commodity”
  • “There’s a lot of work, and will continue to be a lot of work”
  • “The field is relatively free of other copywriters (not too much competition)”

“Your insights much appreciated!”

Here’s my response:

Many copywriters specialize. They either specialize in a commodity (i.e. white papers, case studies, etc.) or specialize in an industry (i.e. pharmaceuticals, technology, alternative health, etc.). Specializing in an industry makes more sense, if you have background in that industry (i.e. former pharmaceutical salesperson).

There are two main areas: B2C (business to consumer) and B2B (business to business). B2C can be more lucrative, if you are good and can obtain royalties – but it’s more competitive. B2B is less competitive, but you might be working on more boring stuff (i.e. engineering products, etc.)

Much will depend on whom you define as your target market, what your specialties are, etc. Since you work on website optimization, you could probably specialize in SEO copywriting.




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  1. I used to have one a couple years back, but got I lot of spam – so I took it down. You can’t be on all the social media networks. I focus on the most popular ones.

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