Making the right marketing choices – real slow or fast? Both?

Is Social Media and SEO beneficial to web marketers?

Let’s take a look at this article – Why Neophyte Web Marketers Fail …makepeacetotalpac….

Daniel Levis is part of the free weekly Clayton Makepeace marketing lessons at  He’s actually quite good and very successful

In a recent lesson, he talks about 2 paths: one is social media, organic SEO, etc.,  and the other I call spending money.  I think he downplays the social media route, as it does have benefits, in the long run (just listen to Hub Spot via their blog entries). But I enjoyed the article immensely, and think it’s very beneficial.

Other times, things are not so cut and dry.  We need to make choices.

Some choices I made

Choice 1

Several years ago, I entered a non-traditional masters program through Norwich University (see graduate.norwic…).  After I graduated, they sold several programs to Union Institute (See…).  I was given a choice:

  1. I could keep my masters in psychology under the Norwich University umbrella.
  2. I could transfer my degree to Union Institute.

I elected to keep it under the Norwich University umbrella.  Why?

  1. They have been around for over 100 years, under the Vermont college affiliate.
  2. They are the oldest, private military college in the US.
  3. I did all the graduate work and thesis under Norwich University guidance.

So I made the right choice!

Choice 2

Recently, I was invited to join a self growth website at….  Then I set up an expert profile at….  When I thought about my experiences with alternative medicine (i.e homeopathy) and spirituality – guess what?  I had a lot to offer.

After I completed the profile and it was approved, I did a search for my name on  Google.  It came up on the first 2 pages, right after my Twitter, Linkedin and FaceBook profiles.

So setting up this profile didn’t take long to reach Google dominance.  Considering the website boasts over 1 million hits a month, it was a “no brainer”.

But I learned a lesson here.  I forgot to optimize for my own name.  My company is OK, if you conduct a Google search for B2B-TechCopy.

Another lesson is about browsers.

  • If I Google my name in Fire Fox, the self growth site is the first entry.  This has now changed.
  • But I get different results for Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera.  While the entry comes up on page 1 or 2 of Google, it’s not necessary the first entry.

What’s Fire Fox doing differently?  Keep in mind, I have all the latest browser versions, along with the latest Microsoft operating system and patches.  I wonder what happens on Bing and Yahoo?

Choice 3

Another choice centered around 2 academic choices.  Should I enter a master of fine arts program in creative writing?  Or should I just spend several years taking creative writing electives  at the local junior college?

I elected to hang around College of DuPage (see  I elected to take several renditions of writers workshop.  Why?  Because the instructor was working on her own novels, and I could focus on perfecting the craft of novel writing.

And I could fill out with courses on other writing electives (i.e. poetry writing, writing screen plays, short story writing, writer’s workshop, etc.).  I didn’t have the prestige as a degree from Columbia College (see…) – but I saved a ton on money.

Is life experience or courses the better option?

What’s the better way to learn – take courses or life experience?  In a Linkedin copywriting thread, this subject came up. So we started this heated discussion.  It centered around one topic – which celebrity name copywriter produced the best course?  Should we pick course A, B, C, or etc.?

One thing that is missing from these discussions is life experience. While we can benefit from courses by subject matter experts, life experience brings much to the table. Brian Keith Voiles is a big time copywriter out of Utah. A few months back, I did track him down and talk with him via phone (via Mormon connections, even though I’m not Mormon) .

He’s probably one of the most humble people I came across. Before becoming a copywriter, he was a stage magician for children’s parties. He got his start going to some big name, direct response copywriting/marketing seminars, and creating mailings for his magic business. Yet it’s the magic business that gave him considerable insight into marketing.

Another was a farmer who owned a grapefruit company. I never talked to the farmer, but read his story, in a Joe Sugarman book on copywriting. He wrote his first direct response letter, after attending one seminar from Joe. Joe gave very little feedback, as the letter was really good.

But he knew his company, products and especially – what motivated his prospects to buy. And he knew what make his product unique and appealing to his prospective client. His letter became a smash success for his company

Making right marketing choices

Sometimes we get immediate results, like spending money on advertising,  recommended by Daniel Levis.  For quick results, there are other methods like cold calling, teleseminars, personal speaking engagements, etc.   Other times, the results are rather slow, like building up social media networks, or organic SEO traffic.  There are times we are confronted with choices.  Why can’t the turtle and the rabbit work together – whenever possible?

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