VOIP and Cold Calling

Last week, a Linkedin connection (Diana Schneidman) was selling an ebook. The topic is to “Start Freelancing and Consulting.” It was selling for under $50, so I gave it a shot.

Is this old material? Yes and no! When I was a long time member of Ben Hart‘s marketing membership site.  I remember one thing in particular. Ben trained under a well-known direct response marketer and copywriter – yet the name eludes me. He continued to be active in marketing, well into his seventies.

Here’s what stood out. He went to many marketing seminars. If he learned one new idea, he felt the seminar was worth it. The same goes with Diana’s ebook. If I could learn one new idea – it’s well worth it.

Diana’s chief method of marketing is cold calling. What’s interesting is it’s the same method recommended by Peter Bowerman, who has some popular books for sale at http://www.amazon.com. In fact, I did chat briefly with Diana after my purchase. When I brought up Peter’s name, she acknowledged reading some of his books.

Viral Marketing

Does that mean to give up on other avenues – like SEO and viral marketing? Of course not! A couple of weeks back, I shared a marketing post from Daniel Lewis, who’s part of the Clayton Makepeace blog team. Each weekday, someone shares a bit of free marketing and copywriting advice.

In this particular article, Dan was criticizing someone who got no sales – yet had gone deeper into viral marketing and SEO. Dan preferred stuff like pay-per-click advertising, etc. He’s looking for immediate results.

Yes, Dan – I agree. Immediate results are great, if you combine them with long term results. When Diana and Pete are recommending cold calling (i.e. 50 calls per day), it’s a numbers game. Yet in the long run, regularly growth on social media sites like Twitter, FaceBook and LinkedIn are great for getting ranked on Google – as well as Bing and Yahoo.

Let me diverge a bit

There’s three sources I look at for marketing advice – especially along the lines of direct response and viral marketing:

If you read these free resources every day, you will shortly get it. The light bulb will be lite and ideas will flow.


If you read my last blog entry, you’ll find my personal VOIP setup. Just utilize Google Voice (along with the acquired Gizmo5 option), Skype and the phone hardware I mention. You’re well on your way to quality and phone economy.

If you wish a cell phone plan, look at the prepaid unlimited plans. Two such contenders are Boost Mobile and T-Mobile, for $50 per month. If you talk to your local Walmart electronics center, they can point you to prepaid unlimited plans.

A parting note:

You can fine some GA introductory videos at squidoo.com/ult….  I like how they embed YouTube videos within Squidoo lens and take SEO advantage of both mediums.  It’s also easy to record videos via Ustream and convert them for YouTube – see youtube.com/wat….

As I watched these videos, I went through many renditions of “If I were a Carpenter.”  My favorites singing this are…Willie Nelson and Sheryl Crow…Alison Krauss and Dwight Yoakam…The Four Tops.  Sorry…Robert Plant or the Small Faces don’t really shine, singing this song.



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