YouTube videos popularity factors and Open Source WP

What makes YouTube videos popular? Before we explore this question, let’s briefly turn to another topic.

Open Source Office Suites

Microsoft office is the flagship of office productivity suites. Yet I’ve found that Abiword and Open Office to be viable contenders. There is one important difference – the open source options are free.

Open Office is the brainchild of Sun Microsystems. But there’s one important development I recently noticed. Oracle has acquired Sun Microsystems, yet has decided to continue the Open Office development.

In the past, I’ve noticed that Open Office was tied to Java, while Abiword was written in either C or C++. Whenever I’ve installed Abiword, it incorporated the Microsoft C++ libraries.  When I installed the Open Office upgrade 3.2.1, it also incorporated the Microsoft C++ libraries. Does that mean that Open Office is dropping Java under Windows? I hope so – it would mean a much faster Office Suite package.

YouTube video Popularity

SpongeBob Square Pants in China

I don’t know about this one. The video is SpongeBob Square Pants in China and it’s only about two minutes long. You will find it at…, but it has one interesting feature. It has close to 32 million current viewers.

So what makes this popular?

Perhaps it’s the message regarding Chinese society, as it relates to manufacturing for the American consumer. I know that China has an official state religious organization. In other words, if you wish to be a Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, etc., you must do so through an official Chinese religious channel.

I’m sure that many Chinese would reflect upon western culture, like Patrick – SpongeBob’s close friend.

Me At Work: Land Down Under

Let’s take a look at another popular one. It’s by an Australian rock group and it’s called “Land Down Under” at…. You can see by the video stats that it has about 22 million hits.

In the video, somebody offers a Vegemite sandwich. You can find out about this stuff from Wiki at en.wikipedia.or…. Needless to say, I have tasted Vegemite before – it’s make from yeast and “it’s an acquired taste.”

I decided to look at Beatles and Rolling Stones songs on YouTube. While people listen to them, they don’t have the same hit ratio as Land Down Under. The most the Beatles have done on YouTube is around 10 million. What’s the difference?

Granted – Land Down Under has a catchy video. But why so many hits?

Are YouTube videos like an LLC?

This is an interesting question. I have hired blue collar vendors to fix appliances, etc. I’ve also had clients hire me. Both have their businesses registered as an LLC. Recently I’ve ordered 2 books on LLC through the local library (or you can order through Amazon):

  1. Limited Liability Companies For Dummies by Jennifer Reuting
  2. Form Your Own Limited Liability Company by Anthony Mancuso

Now these LLC structures are popular with single member, blue collar vendors – but do they really protect them from lawsuits? I’ve chatted with a CPA recently from a small business development center. Here’s some thoughts and conclusions:

  1. An S-Corp might be better, as there are more established court cases to protect individuals.
  2. The fees in Illinois are cheaper for S-Corps.
  3. If you establish an LLC in another state, you’ll still have the same fees, for doing business in Illinois.

So why is an LLC popular with Illinois blue collar vendors?  Why don’t their accountants and lawyers share why I’m sharing here?  Why do certain YouTube videos get millions of hits – while others flop (i.e. low volume of hits)? Interesting questions to ponder!


2 thoughts on “YouTube videos popularity factors and Open Source WP

  1. If you live in the US, I would try the local, in-district junior college. You local public library, reference librarian can direct you. For example, in the neck of the woods, College of DuPage and Harper College have good – yet inexpensive – programming courses.

    Overseas, I would check your university system or trade schools.

    As far as books go, check on Amazon and notice the collective user reviews.


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