Some NetTalk Testing – A Facebook Answer – Java Puzzle

Some NetTalk testing, folks – but first things first.

For those of you following my VOIP connection setup, here’s some Q&A on AT&T measured rate and Google Voice at…. Of course, this point is moot – once Gizmo5 releases it to the public. Just be sure to set it up with Grandstream budge tone 201 (see germinalcenter….).

USP mail innovations

I can’t really blame NetTalk. After all – it was UPS mail innovations shipping the product. But it took me days talking with their customer support. Some said UPS shipped the product. Others said the USPS shipped the product. Nobody would give me a UPS tracking number!

Stop! Hold it! Just tell me straight up it’s being shipped by UPS mail innovations. Then they would transfer it to USPS. Give me both the UPS and USPS tracking numbers.

If UPS keeps my product for a week in UPS limbo – Carol Stream, Illinois – guess what? I won’t blame you. It’s UPS mail innovations efficient shipping policy.

$1 insurance policy.

If your dog eats MagicJack, they say you can have a new one. That’s the MagicJack offer during activation. Sure, they try to up sell you other services. But $1 is a great insurance bargain.

Alaska test

I looked up “Ice Hotel Alaska” on Google and Aurora Ice Hotel came up. When I click on the URL, there’s both an 800 and a 907 area code number. Now for the test. Let’s call the 907 AC  number, both with MagicJack and NetTalk. Guess what? I can’t get through with either service, even though I live in the Chicago suburbs. Didn’t MJ and NT promise you could call anywhere in the US and Canada? For the record, I could get through with Google Talk.

Hawaii test

My next test is to look up “University of Hawaii” in Google. An entry comes up in Hilo, along with a phone number (AC 808). Both MJ and NT can reach the number. I called off hours, so I could listen to the university voice mail.

Sound quality and reliability

There’s a bit of a flack with the MJ founder. He commented a few months ago, that NT is a piece of XXXX, with terrible sound quality. Of course, NT responded with their collective corporate experience. For the record – with my first testing – I can’t find any difference in MJ and NT sound quality and reliability. Keep in mind, I have a 64-bit Windows 7 computer for MJ, and a Linksys router for NT. Both run on a high-speed Comcast connect.

Tech Support

I did have one issue, where my NetTalk device flashed red on Friday evening.  I opened a ticket and called their tech support on Saturday,  during normal business hours.  The technician had me recycle the modem and router, after I explained that Gizmo5/Google Voice and MagicJack were working.  I did make one observation about their device and the Vonage router.  The Vonage router is a bit more advanced, in regards to supplying an error diagnostic code  – however, you pay much more money, for that luxury.

A FaceBook exchange

User Question on Facebook

Hi Randy, Seems we have some things in common that we have shared similar jobs in technology. What would you suggest for a well-traveled person that has little idea about what he wants to next in life. I’m a very introverted person with little interest in reaching out to people. However, your FB page said your interested to help people. Having been there and been certified in the technical field I find that I’d like a change but have no idea where to begin.

My answer:

If you are in the US, go to your local in-district, Junior College. If you don’t know who they are, ask your local public library, reference librarian. Then call the junior college and ask to speak to a career counselor. Ask if they have an interests test you can take. It will give a good, general idea where your interests lie. Then ask about junior college courses you can take. Junior college courses are fairly cheap, compared to state and private colleges. By the way – if we aren’t FB friends, send me a friend request.

A lesson learned from email

Sometimes with Hotmail, I receive an email later – sometimes not at all.  That’s why I have email accounts with Hotmail, Gawab, Gmail, AOL, and Yahoo – in case one is down – another can substitute.  Same goes for building a phone system with Gizmo5, MagicJack, NetTalk, Google Voice and AT&T measured rate.

A Java puzzle

A funny thing happened to me, with Java on Windows.

  • Norton Security Suite 2010 (the version supplied free by Comcast), detected and isolated my Java updater.  About 3 days later, Windows mentioned that there’s a problem with Java, on my system.  Microsoft and Sun Microsystems allowed Java to install on Windows.  Sun was recently acquired by Oracle.
  • The Microsoft solution? Update the Java version – which I did.
  • Terry’s computer Ezine endorses WinPatrol and I downloaded the free version.  It warned me about a new Java updater and Java version – I allowed it.  Scotty runs in the background as a security agent.
  • Will Norton again isolate and impound my Java updater?
  • To top it off, some clown keeps sending me Skype messages that my computer is unsafe.  I should go to this website for details.  If I do a Whois, the domain name registered to someone in Prague.  Why should I trust him, when I have Norton Security Suite, Scotty (the WinPatrol security dog), and a Linksys router for security?  That’s also running a weekly Malwarebytes scan.

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