The Day MagicJack and NetTalk died + Blogging, Getting Hired; Writing

On Thursday, September 16, 2010, MagicJack and NetTalk died – for a little while. Now it was time to kick in my observation plan:

  1. The cable modem lights were on.
  2. The router lights were on.
  3. I could surf the web on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, FireFox and Opera.

Let me run a test. Time to call a number on my Gizmo Voice, using my Grandstream Budge Tone 201 hardware. I could get through.

Time to play the only Marvin Gay song: “What’s going on?” (see…)

I guess the only thing left to do is power down the PC… power down the phones, router and modem… power them up in reverse order.

It took about 5 minutes for NetTalk to get back to normal.

But MagicJack was a different story! I rebooted my PC about 4 times in three hours. But MagicJack couldn’t connect to the Internet? Come again? I’m on my PC surfing the web. I can call with Google Voice and NetTalk. Pardon me? You can’t connect to the Internet?

Actually, I suspect they couldn’t connect to their servers. This is the only time something like this happened.

Be ready for occasional glitches, folks!  It’s worth it! Remember that Magic Jack chap last week, with the echo issue?  If he had their $1 insurance policy, would they have just swapped-out the hardware?

Let’s walk through my current setup.  Suppose someone calls my Google Voice Number.  I know it’s Google Voice, because all the phones ring.  I get the caller’s number displayed on MagicJack and NetTalk.  I can screen the caller via Google Voice – either send them to voice mail or answer the call.  Then I can answer on my AT&T line. It’s “the best of all possible worlds” – Gottfried Leibniz.

Should we take some questions from the field?

How do you become a good copywriter?

Daniel Lewis said it recently at makepeacetotalp….

“If you want to be a competent copywriter, you must do two things above all others. You must read a lot. And write a lot. There’s no way around these two things that I know of – no shortcut. You don’t just wake up one day a copywriter. There is a constant learning process going on. “

Daniel goes on. It’s the same philosophy that College of DuPage, creative writing professors taught me (over the years) – write, write, write.

Personally, I read the Clayton Makepeace and company, marketing/copywriting ezine each day at makepeacetotalp…. You find me reading other e-zines, like Copy Blogger and Hub Spot. And you find me doing something that sounds completely absurd – copying great copy by hand each day (i.e. the Friday Make Peace Total Package swipe file). I’ve done that at least a half hour each day, for well over three years.

I don’t say, “I’m the greatest,” like a certain ex-boxer. Several copywriters are on an ego trip – let them stay there. I just write copy as if I’m the client. It must satisfy my standards, before a client reads it. And I sing this Beatles tune – “It’s getting better all the time”  (see…).

I got a fishing blog up and running – now what?

If you are using WordPress (i.e. .org over .com), then there are a few good plug-ins out there. I recommend the free version of All in One SEO Pack at… .  But don’t buy the premium version, since using either the Thesis or Headway theme is much cheaper, offering similar SEO features.

You also want to have analytics to track visitors. I recommend the following:

1. Open up a Google Analytics account and use the Google Analytics for WordPress plug-in at… .

2. Use the statistics plug-in at… .

3. Use the Analytics 360 plug-in at… to display the Google data in WordPress.

I would also do the following:

1. Set up Google Feedburner to offer blog subscriptions (you can send a Twitter feed to WordPress).

2. Add a blog entry at .

Hope this helps.

On Wednesday, the White House stated that the administration’s health care reform is not responsible for health-care system the large rate increases that insurers are seeking.

Let me stay away from politics, for the moment. Let’s just say I don’t trust what politicians say – whether Democrat, Republican, or Independent. The only thing I’m interested in is data and the analysis of data. So if some University or think tank group does some statistical analysis and concludes A, let them share the data, along with their analysis. If it’s statistical data (or scientific experiments, etc.), are they opening up the sample data for other researchers to look at?

I applied for a position as an engineering manager of hardware and software engineers. Which I have managed both in a B2B industry. The recruiter said I don’t have enough B2C experience. When the recruiter said I was not qualified, I really could not understand why.

This shouldn’t make a difference, as long as you’re not involved in marketing. If you were a project manager, software engineer, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, etc., you should be immune from the marketing leg of the company. Having said that, let me add this, from my experience at Motorola. Those in marketing have a lot of weight, in what should be created in product engineering.

It sounds like either the recruiter doesn’t know what the job is about or they are a newbie. Most recruiters in technology fields should have some idea what positions in engineering, software, etc., entail. I feel you are qualified and the recruiter is not qualified. Of course, the client may be making some excuse to disqualify you, and using the recruiter as a spokesperson. It’s kind of like the current practice of running credit checks for job applicants, when the unemployment rate is very high.

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