Is The Facebook Founder Floundering In A Gorilla Suit Cameo?

Let’s first define cameo, shall we?  It’s found in Wiki at en.wikipedia.or….

On Sunday, September 26, 2010, there was an interesting news clip on MSNBC. The video showed women in either black or white outfits, moving in figure eights, playing basketball. They said most people miscounted the numbers of baskets, moving through the center. You can see the video for yourself at today.msnbc.msn…. It’s based on the book entitled The Invisible Gorilla: And other ways out intuitions deceive us by Christopher F. Chabris and Daniel Simons.

The video authors claim that, “People miss big things that happen in front of their eyes.” This was supposed to illustrate that people claim they can recall events perfectly – yet miss the boat. While these six individuals were running around in circles, a person walked by in a gorilla suit. “How many people spotted him?” asked the announcer.

Is the FaceBook founder hiding in a gorilla suit? There’s a movie out in October called The Social Network. It’s described by Wiki at en.wikipedia.or…. This movie is based upon the book entitled The Accidental Billionaires by Ben Mezrich.

I been following some news film clips about the movie. One commenter mentions the movie portraits Zuckerberg as ruthless. When Mark Elliot Zuckerberg commented via a news clip, he mentioned the movie is largely a “work of fiction.” On the Oprah show, the Facebook founder committed to a 100 million matching grant for education – shortly before the public movie release.

To be honest, I haven’t seen the movie yet. I’ll probably wait until it becomes available at my local Redbox outlet. I used to belong to Netflix, but found there were incredibly long wait times for premium movies.

Another book I’m reading is The Facebook Effect by David Kirkpatrick. This book presents a completely different portrayal of Zuckerberg. In this book, he looks like a nice guy, who just has his own way of seeing things.

Could it be that both Ben Mezrich and David Kirkpatrick were both focused on counting folks in white cloths? Did they miss the real founder, hiding in the gorilla suit? How can two experienced authors come up with two completely different portrayals of Mark Elliot Zuckerberg? We can also see a brief Wiki biography at en.wikipedia.or….

Will the real Mark Elliot Zuckerberg please stand up?

Sometime I need to write a book review about The Facebook Effect by David Kirkpatrick.  Perhaps next week?

In the meantime, how about a couple of questions from the field?

Any more advice about blogging?

I thought I’ll share this from How fiction writers (& other creatives) can develop into badass bloggers…

“It’s important to understand that blogging is a long-term enterprise. Expect it to take one and a half to two years to build audience and gain traction. Expect it to be a lot of work. Expect that there will be times when you experience discouragement and blogger burn-out and thoughts like Just why the hell am I doing this thing?, You’ll wonder if there’s anybody out there reading your stuff. If there will ever be anybody out there reading your stuff.”

Here’s another great quote from that blog post:

“Here’s the great paradox of blogging: you can only blog to market yourself through the act of unmarketing yourself.”

“In other words: marketing should be a side benefit. Your blog needs a higher purpose, a raison d’etre to justify its own existence.”

Does MagicJack do anything better than other VOIP devices?

I’ve only found one thing it does better. After my Vonage phone number expired, I called it from MagicJack, NetTalk and Gizmo Voice (via Grandstream, Budge Tone 201). Only MJ gave a recorded message, saying the number was no longer in service. The other two devices just kept ringing.

Of the three services, I like MJ the least. Depending on a year of testing, I might not renew it.  It depends on if NetTalk is a strong market contender, and functions smoothly for a year.  Or I might just have MJ hang around, as a floated system.

Competition is good. Look at the bibles ESV and TNIV, which have different philosophies of gender inclusiveness. Yet a consumer could buy both and gain great benefit, using something like the NASA to resolve any disputes. As an aside, the TNIV and NIV will go away and a new NIV version is scheduled for 2011 (see nivbibleupdate….). Could this announcement be (in part) a reaction to the ESV success?

Or take the Headway WordPress theme now competing with Thesis. Thesis opened up its license agreement, so you can have an unlimited number of developer versions available, on your own site. It still falls short of Headway‘s license agreement, which allows someone to use the developer version on client sites.




4 thoughts on “Is The Facebook Founder Floundering In A Gorilla Suit Cameo?

  1. Sure. Be my guest!

  2. As of today, if you go to, you won’t find this blog post on the NOTES section, of my Facebook profile. Normally, I have my weekly blog posts added to my NOTES section. Could it be that the Facebook “censorship board” is suppressing it?

  3. Very interesting observations, and these are some things I’ve been thinking about since I’ve seen the movie (which is very good btw).

    “Could it be that both Ben Mezrich and David Kirkpatrick were both focused on counting folks in white cloths?”

    I don’t think they missed the gorilla, I think they both twisted the facts to create a more coherent story.

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