Another Day – Another Dollar – VW Commercial reflects hard times

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Another Day – Another Dollar – Creating the Jetta Commercial

Do you like my home-made cartoon? I put it together, with public domain images I found. What does this mean?

Well, we did it. We went through a major economic meltdown under Bush. People got angry at the Republicans. They voted Obama and the Democrats.

Then the wheel of fate turned again. Folks got sick of dismal job figures and bad economic news. Guess what? Time to vote the Republicans back to the helm.

But neither party has a good handle on how to restore confidence and get our country back on track.

Amidst this backlash, comes the new Volkswagen Jetta commercial.

We could have included that  famous Janet Joplin song: “Oh Lord, won’t you buy me, a Mercedes-Benz” at….

But there’s another song, for the working man.

It’s starts with the song, “Another Day, Another Dollar.” Let’s listen to a couple of YouTube versions:

1980-1984 Volkswagen Jetta photographed in Mon...
Image via Wikipedia

It sounds like the second version fills the commercial. I verified this via the AOL answer at….

If you wish to view the commercial, look at….

You see many jobs you might not want:

  • Driving a vehicle in a golf practice range
  • Being a practice dummy at a kid’s martial arts school
  • A dog trainer
  • Dressing up as a hot dog
  • Driving a heavy-set passenger uphill, using a bicycle
  • Being a nude painter model
  • being a rodeo clown, chased by a bull

Maybe I missed one. But the commercial reflects the current economic times. They also are smart, putting the commercial on YouTube.

Let’s take some questions from the field, shall we? From blog commentators, comments on other blogs, and emails.

What do you think of my article on Keith Richards as a rock star copywriter?

Keith Richards just wrote a book, where he tells all (hey, why not? George Bush also joined the recent fold). I think it was a recent issue of Newsweek, where I saw it posted. Keith and Mick had a rocky relationship.

Keith Richards, live in Hannover
Image via Wikipedia

Through a Native American spiritual connection, I have bumped into the cook, who accompanied the Stones on tour a few times. The cook went to school with Mick. Mick, I feel, is the economic brains behind the group (perhaps he learned this at the London School of Economics). For your info, the mutual connection is a Ute medicine man.  I can’t make this stuff up – it’s too bizarre.

You can use anyone’s insights for copywriting and marketing. Recently, I saw one comparing insights from Mad Men in Copy Blogger. Yet I saw an opposite viewpoint, showing they wouldn’t work today, on Hub Spot.

How do you like the blog post on energizing your writing?

I like your quote of Robert Frost. Here’s one of my favorite quotes by him on “The Road Less Traveled by”:

“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood

and sorry I could not travel both…

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.”

One technique I learned from some renown copywriters is to take famous ads and copy them out by hand. I have done this for at least a half hour each day, for over 3 years, and I find it very beneficial.

Then you brought up Kant. Did you know that someone in the neighborhood know what time it was, when Kant came walking by? He was that consistent – even in his daily walk.

Good ideas in your post today. They got me thinking many thoughts.

Do you like my ideas on perspective?

Here’s another example of perspective. During the cold war, the US held a race with their Russian counterparts. They were the only two countries participating. The US won the race. A Russian commentator say, “the Russians came in second, and the U.S. came in next-to-last.”

What do you think of direct response and viral marketing?

I have learned that there is image and direct response advertising. In image advertising, folks like Coke and Microsoft – who have deep pockets – can engage in this. It’s hard to measure ROI.

I deepened my direct response understanding from the Makepeace Total Package ezine. The founder makes over a million dollars a year in direct response royalties – yet he never graduated from high school . I learned a lot about direct response from their writers.

Hubspot ezine deepened my understanding about social media and viral marketing. Like you mentioned – the two are not mutually exclusive. They actually compliment each other.

What do you think of my post on writing?

I like the ideas you brought up. I think one element that makes writers unique is writer’s voice. If you Google “writer’s voice,” you will find a good Wiki article on the topic. I won’t expand on it here.

It does take time to develop a writer’s voice. It also takes time to become familiar with a topic, and to develop a personality. This doesn’t happen overnight. But when it does, you starting spinning things in a different light.

And you need to practice, practice, practice. The winners of Nobel prizes in literature didn’t get there overnight. And even commercially successful writers, like J. K. Rowling and Steven King, took time to find their voice and show their success.




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