Great social media tools – Social Follow, Business Card 2 and Wise Stamp

I’m on a lot of social media networks – some more than others. My main three are FaceBook, LinkedIn and Twitter. But you catch me on things like FriendFeed, YouTube, Blog Talk Radio, Vimeo, etc.

But how do you keep everything together? And how can you tell if a new tool is good?

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Sometimes the truth is hard to find

Finding the truth about social media is hard.  In fact, I found some examples in the past 2 weeks about simple misinformation.

  • Vonage has been recently advertising their no contract feature.  Have you been following blog issues with Vonage – over the last year – before my contract ended? Now Vonage is in financial trouble. See 9 companies on the ropes in 2011 at companies on the rope in 2011.
  • A few months ago, I watched a TV show called Thirty Days of Night. It insisted that vampires reaped havoc during 30 days…no sun shining…in Borrow, Alaska. Yet I recently watched a show on the Weather Channel. It’s about life in Barrows, Alaska. According to the show, Barrows experiences 65 days a year without sun.
  • A CEO of a popular blog insisted that Barnum never said, “there’s a sucker born every minute.” If you Google that quote, a Wiki article comes up. The Wiki article doesn’t conclude that Barnum didn’t say it. This quote from the Wiki article would leave us in Limbo. “However, Barnum never denied making the quote.”

Social Follow – A+ Social Follow

Social Follow is a great find. You can list all your social media links in one repository. Then you get a button folks

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can click. There you can see all the social media links to click. There’s an example on my business website homepage at B2B TechCopy business website.

The first question I ask is this. How does a social media site make money? How does Social Follow generate revenue? The answer isn’t hard to discover.

Look at their front page. It says, “Social Follow is owned and managed by Studio98.” If you go to their website, it says, “Studio98 specializes in internet marketing services such as custom web design and search engine marketing.”

Well, it satisfies my concerns. They are also very responsive to suggestions. It was very easy to create the first button and all the various social media links. But I had difficulty updating my button. It took a couple of days for a response. Now I’m able to add new social media links and rearrange the order.

Business Card 2 – A+ Business Card 2

I found this one from the Social Follow selection list.  The business card 2 looks great, embedded within my business website. There’s an example on my business website homepage at B2B TechCopy business website. I urge you to play with the various tabs.

Business Card 2 makes money by selling premium services or upgrades.  Yet I find their free service to be excellent.

One element is a bit peculiar. There’s a great service called Odiogo, which creates audio transcriptions of blog posts. If you check my first tab, you can listen to all the podcasts.

Yet if you go to the business card 2 tab – off of Social Follow – it only lists blog posts. There’s no podcast available. I still find that strange. But I did create a miniature of my blog and business website header. It looks pretty good also, in Business Card 2.

Google Profile – A+

I also like Google Profile, which allows you to list all your social media and other websites. Granted – you don’t get a button you can mouse over, like Social Follow. But it does make a nice backup, if Social Follow should ever be down. I don’t recall the last time Google was down. Was it ever?

A Cool Social Media Email Signature

I have to put a plug for this email signature tool.  You can read about it in Create a Social Media Optimized Email Signature at  Wise Stamp.  I’ve added my blog feed, along with my Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn and Flickr accounts to my email signature.  You can find their website at Wise Stamp.

Here’s a snapshot of what my finished email signature looks like:
Wise Stamp

From the Field

Reaction to being the best you can in blogging

I ‘m happy you mentioned Victor Borge. He has been on PBS (public broadcast system

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) a few times and I like his comic style. He was an excellent piano player, which is probably why he could add excellent comic touches. I urge everyone to Google “Victor Borge” and read the Wiki article on him.

Sometimes it’s hard to predict whom will be a star and whom will be a superstar. Let’s look at rock music – for instance. I really love the Kinks and the Who. Both groups have been around a while and have sold out concerts for several years.

But the Rolling Stones and the Beatles are superstars. Yet they are completely different. The Beatles experimented with many musical formats and styles. But the Stones had a consistent core sound and style.

Sometimes just being simple will get you there. Take Ernest Hemingway, for instance. He was a reporter who loved to travel, hang out in bars, etc. – yet he wrote very simple stuff. It was a story about fishing – “The Old Man and the Sea” – which got him the Nobel prize for literature.

Yet it makes me wonder about bloggers.

  • Who among them will reap huge cash windfalls for writing (i.e. like writers Steven King and J. K. Rowling)
  • Who will win prizes (like Nobel prize literature winners),
  • How many are just plain, excellent entrepreneurs (i.e. sell people’s products, Google Adsense sales, etc.).


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