Barrow, Alaska social media contest…plus Donald Trump and Tim Ferris

Barrow, Alaska

If you been following my blog, you know I watched a vampire show entitled 30 Days of Night. You also know I watched a weather channel special on Barrow, Alaska. Here’s the problem! There are really about 65 days of night in Barrow, Alaska. The comic and movie producers just got it wrong.

Barrow, Alaska from the air. Note the houses a...
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Now Barrow has big oil revenues. Just read the Wiki article at Wiki on Barrow, Alaska.

Now they have 3 hotels called Top of The World Hotel, King Eider Inn and Airport Inn.

Plus they have some interesting restaurants. Places such as:

  • Osaka Restaurant
  • Pepe’s North of the Border
  • Arctic Thai
  • Shogun Teriyaki House
  • Arctic Pizza
  • Northern Lights Restaurant

You can read more about the tourist activities via Wiki at Barrow, Alaska tourist activities. There’s even a web-cam picture of Barrow, Alaska at Barrow Sea Ice web-cam at Barrow Sea Ice web-cam.

Apparently, people like to take arctic tours…see scientific research stations…watch the polar bears…etc. So Barrow is on the tourist radar. Let’s have a contest. Let me know how you would promote Barrow, Alaska, as a tourist haven – via viral marketing (i.e. social media). If you have any good ideas, then you can guest blog. Of course, I need to check the material first.

Before we go on, enjoy that brief, YouTube tour:

Now for some blog comments I made in the field

Tim Ferris

Tim Ferris must be marking the interview circuit this week. I also found a video interview this week on Zen Habits, entitled, “The 4-Hour Body: The Tim Ferriss Interview on Zen Habits.” For those who don’t know who Tim is, just Google his name and read the Wiki article.

Image representing Timothy Ferriss as depicted...
Image by Scott Beale / Laughing Squid via CrunchBase

I like publishing rejection stories. Four Hour Work Week rejected by 25 out of 26 publishers? Chicken Soup for the Soul was rejected by several publishers. The author – I believe – self published, before being picked up by a major publisher. The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand was rejected by 12 publishers (if I recall correctly).

It’s interesting he talks about his blog. Why not? Isn’t blog marketing the topic of this radio show? The Wiki article says, “The release of his book moved Ferriss’ blog to the Top 1000 on Technorati.” The Wiki article goes on to say that he’s now an angel investor to other companies.

I’m happy that Tim likes direct response advertising, along with the authors Joe Sugarman and Dan Kennedy. Both have great copywritng/marketing books at Amazon.

I don’t agree with Brian that you can’t get rich on writing books – just that very few do so (i.e. Stephen King or J. K. Rowling). I’ve also meet writers at writer’s conferences – not well-known – who do make six figures. But blogging is more practical for making money. Seth writes bad headlines, Brian? – You’re probably right. Copywriter Brian Keith Voiles believes in crafting at least 100 headlines for each campaign.

Donald Trump

Interesting tips on how Donald Trump is successful – and how we can intimate his success. But to be truthful – I just don’t like Donald. I rather imitate billionaires Sam Walton or Warren Buffet. Perhaps because they don’t put on “an air of show”. Warren still has modest house he lives in, which he brought on middle class wages. Sam used to stand in

Donald Trump in February 2009
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line at his own Wal-Mart, wear blue jeans and drive a pick up truck. Heck. Even Elliot Zuckerberg is always dressed plainly and Time just made him their man of the year.

The real Donald probably reminds me of that recent Discover Card commercial, with the 1 – 2 man customer service operation in Siberia, with the thousands of Russian phones. I’m just guessing it’s Siberia. Donald brings to mind the second person ringing the bell, while the first one yells, “happy time.” I’m left dumbfounded…just like the woman in the commercial…who asks, “what kind of program is this?” Please note – this commercial is to show what Discover Card is not. Just as Donald is not Sam, Warren, or Mark.

Saying that – if you did want to follow Donald’s success, you did a good job today. The three principles are very good. Your post was also good. It’s just I wished you used someone like Mark, Warren, or Sam instead.



3 thoughts on “Barrow, Alaska social media contest…plus Donald Trump and Tim Ferris

  1. Barrow winter advantages
    1) Set up a Honeymoon business. Since most of the action takes place after dark if it’s dark all day the experience never stops.
    2) Set up an insomniacs anonymous biz. When the sun never rises it’s difficult to know how long you are awake.
    3) Fireworks testing center. It’s always ready for a new sparkler to go into the sky.
    4) Out of town military night exercises. It’s a long time in the dark. it requires lots of practice to make it right. at night so what happens if you drill outside in the dark for a month?
    5) Go straight tourist. What kind of traditional Eskimo dances / celebrations were set up to go over the dark?
    6) Iron man racing or should I say Ice Man contests. Endurance matches in the cold. Would require excellent oversight though. All it takes is one hapless individual to get hurt and the whole thing dies on the vine.
    7) Ice House set up like Norway. Unique once a year set up with the lights coming through the ice all night it would make quite a quite a different view.
    8) Northern lights observations. Quite a show not often seen by most of the world. Set up a plantatium like building so it could be viewed in the comfort of heat.
    9) Northern light cameras. Set them up as a WWW feed. Give the rest of the world a vision on how different the world looks like from up here.
    Well that’s a few ideas. Nothing drastic but a few items just off the beaten path.
    6) Cold

  2. I found here something new and interesting. Thanks

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