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This week, I’m reviewing a software solution. It answers a fundamental problem. How do you connect:

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Programs In...
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  1. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) – see ERP.
  2. Document management system (DMS) – see DMS.
  3. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) – see ECM.

…and connect it with mobile phone access?

Mobile phone access is becoming very important, in a number of enterprises.

Take WordPress – for instance.

WordPress dot-com is busy developing free apps to make they content management system work with different mobile phones.

Others are busy developing plug-ins, for self-hosted WordPress sites. Plug-ins such as WP Touch.

Mobile phone evolution
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So I get contacted by this person from Enprovia, to check their mobile application. The company is in Slovakia and I don’t have access to the real application – just a simulated, test version.

I did try to run some background checks on the company – but:

  • I couldn’t find them via the COD copy of Hoovers – they aren’t listed
  • The BBB site doesn’t have a listing

But I did enjoy the application – it’s fun to run. Perhaps you might want to contact them and ask to see their test simulation. If I were a company needing this particular software solution, I’ll contact them for a simulation run.

Give it a shot – it’s an interesting mobile application.

Now let’s look at some of my field responses this week:

Frida Kahlo

If you Google “Frida Kahlo”, the first entry is a good Wiki article on her.

It’s doing something different that helps you be remembered. Yesterday, I listened to an audio tape by Bob Bly and Clayton Makepeace (i.e. Makepeace total package) on headline writing. What struck me is that they often did headlines that weren’t being now done – yet they did follow certain patterns.

Portrait of Diego Rivera and Malu Block and Fr...
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I’m happy you illustrated unconventional wisdom via a painter. I remember taking out a membership in the Chicago Art Institute, many years ago. When I needed a break from software engineering, I would attend a free lunchtime painting lecture. What struck me is that many renown painters defied conventional wisdom.

The other thing I remember is the age element – Frida’s age story. I once went to a lecture. The speaker brought up Grandma Moses, Freud, and several other famous names. The question was, “what did all these famous names have in common?” Answer: they made their most important contributions “after the age of 60.”

Hey. I remember studying Frida. It brings up memories of sitting in Spanish classes at COD. Like the Wiki article mentioned, “Kahlo’s work was not widely recognized until decades after her death”. The same thing with one of my favorite painters – Vincent Van Gogh. Even brings back memories of Lenard Nimoy doing a one-act play on Vincent.

London Client Marketing and Copywriting research advice

The research phase would be looking at the target audience’s pain points. What causes them to act (i.e. buy, etc.). Do they act from fear, greed, etc.?

Then think of the prospect as a buddy, you are having a drink with, at the bar. You are engaging them in a conversational tone. You listen to their objections and answer them.

Remember that people usually buy for emotional reasons and then justify there purchase – via logic. So I buy this new Porsche for prestige, etc. In reality, a Ford, VW, or Toyota will do just fine. But I justify my Porsche purchase in that it will have a better resale value, better dealer service, etc.

Grapes, Lemons, Pears, and Apples (1887) by Vi...
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Get the picture?

A good audio and PDF are available at Makepeace total package on headline generation. Look at headline generation and listen to the audio – read the PDF. You will learn a few things – it’s free. I’ll look at your competition and see what they say.

I looked at XXX .  I don’t like the loud, pounding music on the videos I clicked – and neither would the audience.  But they do follow good, direct response principles.  A better use of videos is done by Ben Hart, in his marketing membership site (a bargain at $37 a month).  Look how he uses video testimonies at Ben Hart Marketing.  For the record, I spent  several months in his membership site.




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  1. The thing about Frida Kahlo is that she wasn’t trying to be different, that was just how she was at the deepest level, so I think the real message is to be true, not different. Just my 2 cents.

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