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NetTalk Now at WalMart

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Remember when I covered NetTalk (NetTalk) in earlier blog posts? Remember how I said you can use it via a router? Remember how I said it was far better than MagicJack?

Guess what? WalMart is now selling NetTalk.

Layered Filtering for Spam

Let’s return to a topic segment we covered partially.

Remember last week’s post on CloudFlare and my favorite WordPress plug-ins?

Remember where I touched upon layered filtering?

Let’s try working with this setup on Spam control:

There’s a blog post covering some of these solutions at 11 Anti Spam Plugins for WordPress. Of the plug-ins mentioned in this blog post, I would only give serious consideration to the following:

Now let’s give an example of layered filtering

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To be honest, you won’t need other options with CloudFlare. But I would recommend having a strong, secondary measure in place.

  • AntiSpam Bee is simple and doesn’t take up any database resources. Please select mark as spam option, to work with the other mentioned systems.
  • Akismet coupled with Google Recaptcha, via the Conditional Captcha for WordPress, is a great, complimentary approach.

But here is my personal preference:

Bad Behavior has been in development for over 5 years.  It is still being developed.  The author is friends with CloudFlare and the software is designed to work well with WordPress Akismet.  So why not just let CloudFlare, Bad Behavior and Akismet catch spam – in that order?  If you also use the Conditional Captcha for WordPress with the Google Recaptcha option, it will eliminate any false positives with the Akismet spam classification.

If a spammer has gotten past both the CloudFlare and Bad Behavior defenses – rest assured – it’s not a spam bot.   It’s a human spammer.  Akismet will hand human spammers well.

Marketing advice to a client – Money and Time

In marketing, there are only 2 variables you work with – time and money. You either put in the time or put in the money – there’s no magic here.

But you want to make “wise” decisions about both. I never interfere in a person’s decisions. I also let them live with the consequences.

Take XXX, for instance. He promised you many things and I knew he couldn’t deliver on some. Take email marketing, for instance. XXX is smart – but he’s not a professional writer. Neither is he a professional marketing writer. If he was, I would have seen it in his own website, communications, etc. Yet one of the items he promised you is email marketing.

Let’s look at YYY. Sure. He doesn’t know anything about ZZZ. And his communications might be laughed at by pros.

But of the 136 blog comments we got, most came from his posts. And many were by folks who know something about ZZZ.

Or take the keywords he uses and the fact that folks from about the world find our site.

Is he a wise investment at $AAA a year? Only you can answer that.

But is spending $BBB on a ZZZ video nobody sees a wise investment? It could be, if down the road – it takes off.

And YYY could be a wise investment, if the readership grows.

Time and money, CCC. How do you best use them?

Maybe DDD – the EEE professional – suggests some ideas. Maybe they cost some money.

Again, it’s another decision involving time and money variables.

Remember this, CCC. I don’t interfere in any decisions – only tell. But you will be the sole person living with the consequences of bad decisions.




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