Internet Radio Show – Time to Change Vendors?

You want to reach your target audience. One way is to host an Internet radio show.

It’s the prospect from the perspective of target audience. So would Al Bundy listen to Internet radio? Is he your ideal prospect? Copywriter, marketer and author Dan Kennedy makes Al his hypothetical prospect.

Depends? Is your show on Internet marketing, getting rich without much work, opening up a nude bar without much money, etc?

A few months back, I launched a client golf show on Blog Talk Radio. Everything was going well. But they made a policy change.

Free accounts were no longer free. Shows were limited to one half hour in duration. You couldn’t do a prime time show from 7 – 11 PM, Monday – Thursday. The only solution is to upgrade to a premium account.

Or is it?

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The golf show was on the radio for several months. The alternative? Look for another Internet Radio vendor.

The answer was Talk Shoe. They had no limitation on free accounts. You could broadcast during prime time hours. And they had support available for free accounts – tons of it.

So if you get constricted by a service (i.e. they change the rules) – just remember – there are usually alternatives available.

We can do more than what we think

It reminds me that we can do more than we think we can.

Perhaps we been rejected by 12 publishers and decide to continue to ask for The Fountainhead to publishers (I.e.Ayn Rand).

Maybe we are 65 before we success in our fried chicken chain (i.e Colonel Sanders).

Or Andrew Carnegie suggests to us to learn about successful men and write a book about the experiences (i.e Napoleon Hill with Think and Grow Rich).

Or we are at an audition, singing gospel tunes with a band. The reviewer thinks the songs stink. You ask for advice. He says imagine you are dying and you had one tune that told the world about your life – what would it be? Then you sing that song. (i.e. Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash).

Or you had over a dozen dead-end careers or jobs before trying advertising (i.e David Ogilvy).

Could one of the above people have been you? What if Ayn Rand didn’t try for publisher #13…Colonel Sanders retired and collected social security…Andrew Carnegie decided to be a farmer…David Ogilvy went into acting…of Johnny sung another gospel song?

Kind of reminds me of the advice a blogger posted this week. He was doing an acting audition. The audition wasn’t going well. But an elderly gentleman gave him some friendly advice:

“You know, those casting directors really wanted you to be the one they were looking for. They weren’t against you, they were waiting for you to nail it, so they could pack up and get back to their martinis.”

An alternative to Akismet

There’s another alternative to Akismet – it’s TypePad AntiSpam. It follows the same API structure as Akismet. Here’s a great article on TypePad and Defensio at WordPress Plugin Review: Defensio Anti-Spam and TypePad Anti-Spam

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  1. I know Small Business Trends running a radio show, recently copy blogger launched now, this is becoming so viral that all top bloggers are starting a talk show of their own.

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