The Day The Clayton Makepeace Blog Died

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I used to follow a popular blog. It’s the Clayton Makepeace Total Package Ezine at Clayton Makepeace Total Package Ezine. This blog’s devoted to copywriting and marketing – specifically direct response.

The writers were superstars and celebrities. Clayton used to rake in over a million in annual royalties. There were also other well know copywriters and marketers writing daily columns – Monday through Friday.

This blog was so magnificent, that copywriter and marketer Brian Keith Voiles – a marketer and copywriter making excellent annual royalties – recommended it to me.

In fact, the blog went on for about 5 years. At the beginning of February 2011, Clayton folded up the blog. You can read his commentary here at Clayton Makepeace Farewell Address.

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This means there is no more Clayton Makepeace stuff. There’s also no articles by these regular authors:

  • Gary Bencivenga
  • Michael Masterson
  • Drayton Bird
  • Daniel Levis
  • Troy White
  • John Forde
  • Carline Anglade-Cole

Unfortunately, they have also killed all the archive articles by these great copywriters and marketers. Reminds me of the song Bye Bye American Pie by Don Mclean. He was devastated when singers like Buddy Holly died in a plane crash.

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On another front, copywriter and marketer Ray Edwards has retired. He’s devoting full-time to the Christian ministry. But he still writes blog posts on copywriting and other related topics. He talks about this in a recent blog post at The True Secret of Success. His Christian gospel message is similar to popular Christian motivational speaker Joel Osteen (Joel Osteen).

Let me make a commentary on Ray’s recent personal change to Christianity.  We read about Islamic changes recently to overthrow dictators.  But did you know that Islam has a mystical movement, which can be seen as a stepping stone to the Christian message?  See the article at Sufism in theory and practice.

Back to Clayton, folks!  In a way, I feel let down. Not that I criticize Clayton for wanting a slower pace of life. But please.

You should have kept the archives alive and well. I know that you could have migrated these posts to some CMS like self-hosted WordPress. You could have payed a cheap price to have a domain and monthly hosting fee.

You could have also paid some third world developers from India, Philippines, or a related country to support the site for you.

Guess what? You would have folks coming to read these great articles. And you would still have a strong following. Heck. You could even do blog posts – from time to time.

Perhaps Clayton might have other reasons for leaving. Maybe it might be an illness he’s not mentioning. Perhaps it is some domestic matter. I don’t know.

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It’s great to be able to combine making money with efforts that benefit society. Recently, there was a blog post about paying artists more in Rwanda than other companies pay them. Then you see their work in western countries. This exemplifies profitable idealism.

Doing pro bono now can make the cash flow work. For example, let’s take the non-profit organization called Taproot Foundation. They have many copywriting projects, such as brochures and annual reports, geared towards the non-profit and Art organizations.

Yet you work on a project team, that usually includes folks from different agencies and marketing organizations. Hence you make contacts with folks who see – and know – what you can do.

Ultimately, I believe folks who show some concern to improve society, environment, etc., will also be observed by others as good business assets.



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  1. We should have kept the archives alive and well as possible as we can. Book can give legacy and online archives as well.

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