Marketing America – is it an oasis for a down and out economy?

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Time for a change

It’s time for a change. But will Marketing America (Marketing America) really do it for me?

Why do I need a change?

Perhaps I’m been persuaded from reading metaphysical philosophers, like Mary Baker Eddy, Emmet Fox, Joel Goldsmith and Joseph Murphy.

Or maybe it’s from watching and reading health and prosperity messages from Joel Osteen, Larry Ollison (Larry Ollison) and the recent copywriter/marketing convert – Ray Edwards.

Off to learn Entrepreneur bootstrapping

Then I’m off to take this free entrepreneur bootstrapping course, held at a local technology campus. Now I’ve had entrepreneur and business courses from SCORE and various small business development centers.

Not everyone agrees with bootstrapping. Take Bonita, for example. She’s an MBA who heads the Harper College small business development center. She has her own Internet and coaching business and recently wrote an article entitled Bootstrapping is for beginners.

There’s also a Wiki article on bootstrapping at Wiki on Bootstrapping. It defines it as, “Bootstrapping in business is to start a business without external help/capital. Start-ups that bootstrap their business fund development of their company through internal cash flow and are cautious with their expenses.”  So perhaps Bonita and Fred just differ in their definitions of bootstrapping. After all, isn’t Fred acting as a coach by teaching this free course?

Enter Fred and Ethel Mertz

But this course is different. I’ll call this person Fred and his wife Ethel. We will call their last name Mertz. But their real identities will remain hidden. Don’t get the wrong impression here!  I like Fred and Ethel and still consider them good friends – although the oriental wife impresses me more.

Fred is a multimillionaire, who succeeded in starting many successful companies. It kind of reminds me of Michael Masterson (Michael Masterson), the multimillionaire business person and copywriter, who started AWAI.

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Makes sense to take a free course with Fred. But neither Fred nor Michael impresses me with their money. If I saw signs of them emulating Bill Gates or Warren Buffet, I’ll have more respect for their charitable aspirations. Maybe I just don’t know.

White Background

But Fred tried to sell me on this Marketing America stuff. At first, I’m throw back to the past, when a neighbor takes me to an Amway meeting. The hosts put on this song and dance about making all this money.

Yet later, I noticed this neighbor buying Amway products. Guess what? It’s a way to make a quota.

So Fred and Ethel give me a sales pitch, trying to invite me to a meeting. Fred mentions he’s just helping his wife with residual income, if he dies.

Caring for family comes first

Sounds well and good. But I have an elderly mom I care for. If something can’t be treated by a regular physician, I look for a homeopathic, Bach flower, or Chinese herbal solution. I’ve had years of experience with classical homeopathic medicine.

Now I like to study a bit more. I know Marketing American probably passes tests from the Better Business Bureau, Web of Trust, Hoover’s, Dun and Bradstreet, etc. So there’s no sense in looking there.

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Nor do I look at negative reports. More often than not, they’re just trying to sell you their product instead.

Third party Marketing America Reviews

What I look for is third-party, independent reviews. Let’s check a few:

You can read these articles for yourself. Or you can Google them by typing “Marketing America Reviews.”   Market America Reviews – READ THIS NOW! says, “The marketing model for Market America, also referred to as the unfranchise business model, is entirely based on word of mouth or person to person selling.”

Let’s also look at what Market America Reviews says:

  • People have reportedly complained about too much socialization and that too often without need, just for the need of business promotion. Many people have complained that relatives and friends often feel burdened, if they have to reject the request to join this business. This is definitely against the growth of this business model and so it can saturate after some time.
  • People who’re not too much into socialization, may end up failing in this business.
  • Every month, one has to buy products worth some BV. In case, an individual fails to sell them, he may end up losing money.
  • After friends and relatives, people find it not very easy to approach to others and the business halts.
  • Many have complained that people at top are only able to make money.

Keep this is mind as we also look at one entitled “A 3rd Party Review Of Market America From Someone Who Didn’t Join”. Here’s a note I sent to Fred.

What I said to Fred

“I will be asking ‘informed’ questions to you. In an article at A 3rd Party Review Of Market America From Someone Who Didn’t Join , it say’s this:”

“At the end of the day, your success will depend on what you do, your ability to sponsor new people, sell products and build a productive organization. And to do all that, you need to be able to generate leads every day. If you can’t generate leads, there is no way you will be able to build a sizable business. So, if you want to succeed with your Market America business, it’s critical that you learn how to become a professional marketer so you can generate 25-50+ leads a day for your business.”

“I would like your commentary on this sentence: ‘So, if you want to succeed with your Market America business, it’s critical that you learn how to become a professional marketer so you can generate 25-50+ leads a day for your business.'”

What Clayton Makepeace and Joe Sugarman said

I shared this email to a client in London, who is a good Internet marketer. Here’s what he said: “It’s basically lead generation.”

One thing I have learned from marketer and copywriter Clayton Makepeace, is that you need to handle objections up front, in your sales copy. Multimillionaire, copywriter, marketer and entrepreneur Joe Sugarman (Joe Sugarman) also said that.

I was hoping to have a dialogue on objections with Fred. Looks like he’s not up to it. I’ll still attend the monthly bootstrapping meetings. But I definitely have second thoughts about Marketing America. Will he really help me, if it’s not in his best interest? And he started out as a sales rep for a big computer company – became #1.

Perhaps Fred wants prospects to just pay the $1200 “admission fee”… have no idea what lies “beyond the veil” – like I do?

Now Fred could have said something like this: “Yes, it’s true you need to generate leads each day.  But not the number given in the article.  And we train and help you by…”.  He could have said something like this – but he didn’t.

Another thing missing is the use of current marketing methods, as the article Marketing America Reviews – get your questions answered.  It says, “it seems to be a recurring theme that most companies in the network marketing industry are very much behind the eight ball when it comes to being able to equip their independent business owners and distributors with the most progressive marketing and training strategies that exist today. Things like pay-per-click marketing, search engine optimization, social media, direct response marketing, personal branding, etc.”

See what’s happening here?  Fred is an expert in person-to-person selling –  he will do well.  I’m knowledgeable about SEO, social media, direct response marketing, etc. – but I can’t use this knowledge.  Of course, Fred will always come out ahead.

Parting question for Fred

Let me leave Fred with a parting question. I like Fred and Ethel – they’re nice people.  They also believe in nutrition and holistic health.  Now here’s my question:

Suppose someone you know has cancer.  Suppose there existed what others considered saints or holy people, who could cure the cancer.  Suppose they belonged to various religious traditions.  What would you rather have?

  • Access to doctors and hospitals, who for a large amount of money, will tell you your disease is incurable?
  • Or access to how you might really be cured?

What’s more important at that time – large sums of money or spiritual knowledge? And if spiritual knowledge can heal “incurable” diseases, can’t it also address other issues (i.e. financial problems)?

The language these saints would use is silence.  Silence is also the language of God.  Silence is also the language I normally reserve on this topic (i.e. if such things exist).  Their help is not for sale – they don’t respond to money.

I know rich people (i.e. yourself), people who know famous people (i.e. tour cook for Rolling Stones), smart people (world renown Harvard genetic modeling professor and researcher) – yet I prefer the company of spiritual (i.e. non-existent?) holy people and ordinary folks.

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