Will we be Internet radio superstars?

The Launch.

It’s official. I’m launching a professional pilot Internet radio show on golf. It’s at Web Talk Radio. We are open to both sponsors and radio guests to interview.
Randy Padraic

How did I get here, you ask?

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A golf product developer approached him in early 2008, to develop a product marketing team. I set up a golfing WordPress blog and website at Improve Golf. Then I produced golfing Internet radio shows on Blog Talk Radio and Talk Shoe. Recently I accepted an offer to host and produce a new golf show at Web Talk Radio

We will be working with executives from Matrix Media. Yet we also have our own team of advisers.

  • Ken Sevara has been a radio personality, that has interviewed folks like Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld.
  • Feet to the Fire is an Internet radio show hosted by James Authur Janick and we can also tap his brain.

If you look at Improve Golf, you notice an About team, covering our marketing and golfing SME team. Tony McMahon will be the show project manager and finance our side of things. Padraic Canavan will handle the technology side of things and help secure Interview guests. Rudy Villalaz will be an internal adviser and work with Padriac on securing interview guests. I’m handling all interaction with Matrix Media.

Working with Matrix Media

Matrix Media members I’ve met are nice to work with. It’s important to work with the official promoters. I remember when Ed Sullivan used to do a radio show. Once Ed Sullivan had the Rolling Stones on. They were to sing, “Let’s Spend The Night Together.” Ed and his board of censors asked them to change it to, “Let’s spend some time together.”

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They gladly complied with his request.

But the Doors were slated to sing, “Light my fire.” Ed and the censor board asked them to change the title. They agreed. But when it came time to go live, they shouted out, “Light my fire.” The Doors were never invited back to Ed Sullivan.

The Doors were proud of the fact they were banned from Ed Sullivan. They went on to be rock stars. Yet the Rolling Stones became superstars. Is there a lesson here? I believe so!


I’ll share some reflections here.  The reason we have this gig is that

  • We did Internet radio, even when we thought nobody was paying attention.
  • And we kept going for months, even when everyone is ready to give up.

If you look at the radio shows at Web Talk Radio, you notice 3 things:

  • They are exclusively interview shows, where a different guest is interviewed each week.
  • They are prerecorded and uploaded to Matrix Media
  • They follow a particular theme.

If we are to succeed, we only need to follow 2 guiding principles:

  • Do what Matrix Media asks us – when they ask us.
  • Follow the discipline of project management, which is both an art and science.  You can find this defined at Project Management. It defines this as, “the discipline of planning, organizing, securing and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives.”

I have done project management for many years.  I ask two things here:

  • When an executive from Matrix Media asks for something, we respond to their request ASAP.
  • On tasks where we need to set our own dates – set a date to do this, before the show needs to be produced and uploaded, and stick to that committed date.

Next steps

We have a show writeup I did, which Matrix Media is currently reviewing. We are scheduled to start the beginning of April 2011. I’ll share official details in future blog posts.



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