Matrix Media and digital camera photos

Last week, I talked about an up and coming golf Internet radio show on Web Talk Radio. But getting read isn’t without its technical glitches.

English: Numerical Reflex Digital Camera Franç...
English: Numerical Reflex Digital Camera Français : Appareil photo reflex numérique (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let me cite an example. Matrix Media insists on host photos be 210 pixels high and 165 pixels wide. Padraic and I had separate pictures taken. Unfortunately, we didn’t have one together. So we decide to retake some composite photos at the College of DuPage.

The images that come from Tony‘s camera are 2592×1944 pixels. Now I’m not a camera buff. The camera that Tony used cost a few hundred bucks, but they take pictures of certain dimensions.

If I re-size the photo in Gimp, it re-sizes it proportionally to 210 high by 280 wide. So if I re-size it to 165 wide, it will stretch us like giraffes. I explained the dilemma to my geek computer friend, who knows Photoshop and Fireworks. He thinks he can get it right, with some cropping.

I call PJ Camera and ask about digital cameras. Can digital cameras adjust pixel size?

So here I am a camera novice. PJ told me that even the cheapest digital cameras do it. The cheap ones have quality scales. Perhaps it might be good, better, etc. The more expensive ones can scale by mega pixels. Obviously, Tony has the same degree of knowledge of using digital cameras as I do.

So how do we solve the problem? Here’s what I end up doing:

Here’s what we are doing:

  • Matrix Media will have their designer look at it.
  • I’ll have my computer geek friend work with it. He works at Dell in computer hardware and uses Photoshop and Fireworks
  • I’ll also ask Tony to ask his video expert friend about this at Tom’s Photography.

I talked to PJ Camera and photo supply (PJ Camera ). I explained that I had a photo 280 wide by 210 high (i.e. photo after gimp scaling). The photo was 2 people side by side. I wanted to change it to 165 wide by 210 high, without having us look like giraffes.

How digital cameras have been popularized!
How digital cameras have been popularized! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I asked it they can fix the issue and what would they do. The answer I got was that they would crop the photo and remove some pixels. The price is also good, which is $5. But it would take a day or two to do. This is the same answer Junior gave me this morning, via the phone. It’s the same solution he will try to carry out.

I waited to see what Tom and the Matrix Media designer have to say. Tom came to the rescue – I’ve sent everyone the cropped picture and message from Tom (Tony’s video guy). Please note that this is the solution endorsed by PJ Camera and Video, Junior (i.e. my computer Geek friend) and Tom. I asked Matrix Media if the DPI resolution is good enough or you wish another resolution.

I guess you learn something new in technology each day!


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