Is Copyblogger censoring me for criticizing a radio interview?

Am I being Censored?

It appears there is possible censorship going on at Copy Blogger.

What is censorship?

Wiki (Wiki on Censorship) defines censorship as, “suppression of speech or other public communication which may be considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, or inconvenient to the general body of people as determined by a government, media outlet, or other controlling body.”

“Censorship is the height of vanity.”  – Martha Graham

Hugh MacLeod - SXSW Interactive 2011 - Austin, TX
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The interview commentary that started it

You see, I was a daily commenter on Copyblogger for several months. Then I mention that a radio show interview with Hugh MacLeod didn’t start well.

I’m qualified to critic Internet radio interviews.

I did mention I didn’t know who Hugh MacLeod is at Hugh MacLeod Copyblogger Interview.  In case these comments disappear, I made a PDF website copy with Convert Web Pages to PDF.

The owner then pointed to a written article I responded to.

Here’s my reply:

“I probably just didn’t connect the dots. Thanks for pointing this out. I’ll go back and check it.”

It’s quite possible a person writes very well.  But they come across completely inert during a Podcast.

Then someone made this comment: “Maybe you didn’t read it?”

Then I replied with this comment:

“I’ll let you in on a couple of secrets.”

Atlas Shrugged
Image via Wikipedia
  1. “I read all Copyblogger posts I comment on.”
  2. “Are you ready for this shocker? I also read other blog posts throughout the day. In fact, Hub Spot can have several posts in a day. So given the variety of the authors and posts I look at – along with actually trying to work for a living – it’s an easy thing to miss. And unfortunately – I’m not one born with photographic memory.”

“Censorship is to art as lynching is to justice.”  – Henry Louis Gates

The Next Blog Post Comment

The very next day comes the next blog post at Crippling Writing Beliefs. My comment never appear in response to a writer post. Here’s what I said:

“Many good thoughts about writing today. The truth of the matter is that most people don’t make a living writing books. Most writers won’t ever be J. K. Rowling or Stephen King.”

“Nor will they win Nobel prizes, Pulitzer prizes or cut movie deals. They are on the road marketing their books, appearing at libraries, book stores, etc.”

“Writing for the audience is good – especially if you enter the commercial writing field.”

“Yet some writers write for their own reasons. They might even be discovered and become famous later. This happened to Franz Kafka (i.e. Google him and read the Wiki article). It was his friend who published many works after his death. He’s regarded one of the great 20th century existential literary writers.”

“You have to fight for your ideas. I like this. Ayn Rand‘s novel the Fountainhead was rejected by 12 publishers. She kept going. We know where this novel and Atlas Shrugged stands today.”

“And don’t let a lack of education stand in the way of commercial success. Dan Kennedy, Brian Keith Voiles and Clayton Makepeace are big names in copywriting, making over 1 million a year. But 2 never graduated from high school, and one only finished High School.”

Protester seen at Chicago Tax Day Tea Party pr...
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“Your article today keeps us going as writers. Actually just as well as any works by Napoleon Hill or Dale Carnegie would.”

Copyblogger Anti-Spam Policy

Dale Carnegie
Image via Wikipedia

Now they post an anti-spam policy at Copyblogger Comment Policy. So can you tell me which spamming technique the above post falls under?

“Everyone has an opinion, and the guy screaming for censorship may be the next guy to have his ideas cut off.” –
Richard King

More Tests Conducted

I tried putting out test posts of a sentence or two, during the week of April 18, 2011. Nothing showed up or appeared.

So what should I conclude? Apparently Copyblogger is applying rules of censorship.

“Censorship of ideas or images or words is wrong.”  – Richard King

A question for Copy Blogger

Here’s some questions for the Copyblogger staff.

  • Why did you publish my comments daily for months, then cease to publish any comments, after I criticize the interview?
  • Why do any comments I make the week starting April 18, 2011, just disappear?
  • If I am a Rebel Rouser, then why have I frequently posted comments on numerous blogs over the years – including Makepeace Total Package and HubSpot (HubSpot Blog) – yet was never banned? How do you explain this?

“Censorship is the height of vanity.” –  Martha Graham

What it reminds me of

Kind of reminds me of the old Soviet Union under communism. One day the US were racing Russia in a two-man race. The Russians lost. But a commentator at Radio Moscow said this: “The Russians and the US were in a race. The Russians came in second and the US came in next to last.”

Is this the kind of commentary that the Copyblogger blog admins like to hear?

Author Ayn Rand
Image via Wikipedia

Not that they have the best content in content marketing.

“I believe in censorship. I made a fortune out of it. ” – Mae West

Notes to Copy Blogger admin staff

  • I hope the Copyblogger blog administration staff sees the three-part movie series on Atlas Shrugged (Atlas Shrugged – Part 1). You might learn a few lessons on censorship.
  • You might want to read the book, along with How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

If I’m being censored, it works both ways.

  • Perhaps censored posters won’t give them free publicity either, nor share by social media outlets.
  • Or if you have a large enough Twitter base, you might end up getting the kind of free publicity you don’t need.

It’s like the X-Files. Eventually, folks will discover the truth for themselves.

“Censorship, like charity, should begin at home, but, unlike charity, it should end there.”  – Clare Boothe Luce

Note to Hugh MacLeod:

I admire Ayn Rand from a literary standpoint and her support for entrepreneurship.  I don’t admire her atheism.  In honor of Easter, listen to some podcasts by Christian motivational speaker Joel Osteen (Joel Osteen).  You will learn how to come across in an interview.

Dialogue with Copyblogger

I should add that since I published this post, I have heard from two of the Copyblogger staff and/or “friends”. They do put a different slant and interpretation on events then I do. I will try to show them the same professional courtesy showed me.  But I will take the extra step and summarize my understanding here.

If they did feel that their interpretation is correct, the proper thing would have been to email me offline. Or to put a comment to that effect, in one of my Copyblogger comments. There was plenty of time to do this in earlier months and it would be the proper PR thing to do.

Let me see if I understand this correctly! Where do you draw the line on what insights you share in areas like writing, copywriting, marketing, technology, etc. – limit it just to what the author has written or add relevant insights to the topic?

  • Do you comment on just the ideas presented in a blog post or add ideas of your own in your comments?
  • If the author writes about writing, do you stick to just commenting on what they say about writing?
  • If you add your own ideas about writing in the commentary, does this mean you didn’t read the original blog post?

Is this how Copyblogger and I see differently?

Clayton and his staff would allow the last item. But it would be like challenging Thor or Green Lantern (2 up and coming summer movies). I would never challenge a grade A superhero. I rather be an apprentice.

Apparently, Hugh is a contributing member (i.e. he writes occasional posts for them). It’s easy not to recognize this at first, if you are used to reading many blogs each day, and you have a busy schedule as an entrepreneur.

I don’t desire to post comments anymore there. Nor do I have any bad feelings towards the staff there. I wish them the best and we both will go on, and do other things.



2 thoughts on “Is Copyblogger censoring me for criticizing a radio interview?

  1. So you were critical of something Copyblogger did and they removed your ability to post? So what?

    1. Tyler:

      I have heard from 2 of the Copyblogger staff since this post. I’ve included a note in the post – towards the end.

      You ask so what? I have no hard feelings towards them, nor do I feel bad about not being able to post.

      If you wish to ban posters, then you should just inform them beforehand by email, or reply to their comments.

      Clayton Makepeace at Makepeace Total Package, didn’t really care what you posted – as long as you didn’t insult someone, use bad language, etc.

      I just like to write about what’s happening to me, in a particular week – it’s “stream of consciousness” writing.

      I don’t feel real bad being banned from Copyblogger. I do recognize Brian Clark as a good entrepreneur, marketer, writer and copywriter. I also recognize his staff and guest writers as competent in their respective fields.

      But Clayton and his regular contributors would be a different matter. I look to them as superstars in the fields of marketing and copywriting. If they have something to say, I absorb every word and take their advice to heart.


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