Skype Announcement Leaked Mac Users Beware

What was that new hotfix for Skype Mac users?

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Released April 14th by Skype for Mac users and gone today.

This hotfix plug-in prevents an internet security hacker attack discovered and reported by Pure Hackers early this year.

Skype announcement by reporters:

This hotfix was to prevent hackers from taking full control of Mac computers using Skype software per PC Magazine on May 6th. The link is to an update 5.1 Mac version of Skype, that ”fixes bugs…”

That is a big bug!

Two things I want to focus on:

  • This is disinformation to Mac users
  • This also shows Skype perseverance.

This hacking was simple, rendered the Mac user completely helpless and started with a message sent on Skype. The problem was discovered months ago but never made public with an official Skype announcement. But once reported in mid-March by Pure Hackers he received the automatic Skype announcement, Thank you for showing an interest in Skype security, we are aware of this issue and will be addressing it in the next hotfix.”

Today, there is no hotfix for Mac users. Skype has released a new version 5.1 for Mac users. And there have been no reports of the extremely dangerous attack being performed in practice. So is Skype in the clear… hardly. With this internet security news, you can bet more attacks will happen.

From Detroit to El Paso Disinformation

According to a computer software developer in Livonia, MI, “ I knew about the Mac problems with Skype months ago! We reported the problem and disconnected all Mac computers from the network.” Detroit area has a strong Mac community that thrives on Mac security often claiming, “No worms here.”

Image by Roman Herdez via Flickr

On the other end of the country in El Paso, TX, where disinformation takes awhile to roast, a survey of ten Mac users displayed exactly how vulnerable internet security is getting. Zero out of ten claimed to know they should get a new version of Skype to prevent this terrible hacking problem.

There’s been heavy reporting about internet security with Sony and El Paso responded. PS3 sales are still down. But for a lack of a Skype announcement on this security problem El Paso was left in the dark and very vulnerable.

Richard Nelson


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