Social Media book and contest + Podcast technology recommendation

Social Media book and contest

Back in 2008, I was one of 50 bloggers chosen to review Personal Development for Smart People (the Conscious Pursuit of Personal Growth) by Steve Pavlina at Steve, Why Did You Do This To Me?.

Cover of
Cover via Amazon

Once again, it looks like I’m one of 50 bloggers selected to do another book review. Here is an email I received this week:

“Congratulations! You’ve been selected as one of the 50 bloggers to receive two copies of Mike’s book, Launch. We’ll be shipping the books next week.”

“Just by way of reminder, your agreement was to review Launch during the month of June and to creatively give away the second copy. I look forward to seeing your reviews. Please send a link of your review to me at XXX”

“Remember that Mike will be choosing one of you to write book reviews for Social Media Examiner.”

Finally, I wanted you to know about a resource page we created for you as you write your review. Go here to find Mike’s bio, headshots, embeddable videos, graphics and testimonials: Social Media Examiner Book Launch

“Please acknowledge that you received this email.”

“Thanks again for your help in promoting Mike’s book!”

“All my best,”

“Phil Mershon, Director of Summits & Projects”

“Social Media Examiner”

What does this mean for you?

XO-1 motherboard
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It means I must have a creative way to give away a second copy of the book. So stay tuned during the month of June.

Amazon connection

I noticed the book is available in a hardback edition at Amazon. What is lacking is user reviews and ratings. What I plan on doing is sharing my review also at Amazon. I’ve been a big fan of Mike’s blog and I’m sure the book will be full of good content and information.

Web Talk Radio podcast technology recommendation

The Web Talk Radio technology staff recommends using the service at Hi Def Conferencing vs Free Conference Calling. The difference is that they will record the full voice sound spectrum on Skype calls, but they are limited by the engineering sound limitations of traditional phone lines. What remains to be seen if the quality will be the same or better than recording the calls at my computer.

Only some testing will answer that question. Fortunately, at one point in my life, I was a math major and physics minor and worked with Motorola electrical, mechanical and software engineers for 7 years. This should give me a good background to test the waters. But I see having the recommended service with their pay as you go plan. It can be used as needed.

I do notice that Citrix Online has a referral commission program at Citrix Online Referral Program. Does this mean that their recommendation is neutral or could there be a bonus in their referrals? Interesting question!

This week on Web Talk Radio‘s Teeing It Up: Teeing It Up – Playing Golf Course in Scotland Gives More distance Lowers score

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