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Skype, Comcast and Microsoft – what’s up with that?

If you been following my blog, you know I’m a big fan of Skype. In fact, I use Skype and Solicall filtering to record all my golf show interview guests at Teeing It Up.

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And you also know that Microsoft recently purchased Skype. The price was set at around eight billion.

It should take about a year for this to clear US and European regulatory hurdles. Now there’s speculation on how Microsoft will use Skype. But it seems to be a win/win situation

This week in Reel seo, there was a story that caught my eye. The story was entitled Comcast & Skype Team Up To Offer HD Video Calling On Televisions Comcast Skype team offers HD video calling televisions. In the article, there was a section about why the author felt the service would not take off. Comcast is my TV and Internet service provider, so I’m very familiar with them.

Now I have an interesting question to ponder. Is this a Skype, Comcast or Microsoft initiative? In other words, who proposed this idea first? Depending on the initiator, one can deduct more about the long-term plans. And if is a Skype or Microsoft initiative, will they try to make partnerships with other cable providers?

It’s a good thing that Microsoft brought Skype. I think it insures it will function smoothly on past, present and future versions of Windows. I assume they will still be providing support for Linux and Apple.

Will the Skype/ Comcast initiative fail, as the article I referred to mentioned? Only time will tell. I’m more interested in an long-range Skype/Comcast/Microsoft initiatives.

Apple vs Microsoft?

Speaking of Apple. I know a few Mac folks and it almost has a cultist ring to it. There’s always this contention of Windows vs Mac. The best method is to have neutrality around these topics. Let me give you an example. I run computers on Windows 7 but I also have QuickTime and Itunes installed. I make it a habit to listen to radio tunes on Itunes while working. And it allows me to pick the music gendre to listen to.

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I find it nice to write a technology marketing piece with an Itunes blues song…a blog post with an Itunes bluegrass song…an Internet marketing web copy with an Itunes Reggie song…A Twitter Tweet with a classical music piece.

It’s ludicrous to either fall into a Bill Gates or Steve Jobs camp – there’s room for both.

And where does Linux fit into all this rivalry?

A webinar for writers on Viral and Internet marketing

I just completed a webinar on Viral and Internet marketing for writers at The Writer’s Assistant. I’ll spice the audio with a still picture using Windows Movie Maker. It will be uploaded to Vimeo and available on the About pages of Improve Golf and B2B TechCopy. Stay tuned this month for an exciting book review and contest, described in an earlier blog post during June 2011.

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