Is old fashion marketing school dead?

It would be, according to an Internet joint venture partner of mine. I will call him Mr. J. Only things like ClickBank and affiliate marketing hold promise. Should I believe him?

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Then in the same week, I get an email advertising a free webinar from Tony White. Tony used to be one of the regular contributors on the Clayton Makepeace Total Package e-zine or blog. This blog ran for 5 years, until Clayton pulled the plug – dissolving all articles by marketers other than himself.

Anyway, back to Tony. He’s hosted a free webinar entitled Old School Marketing That Kicks Butt in Today’s Techno-World. Since I liked all the contributors to Clayton’s old blog, naturally I sign up.

But Mr. J is a hard person to convince. I told him about exceptional conversions and where Brian Keith Voiles, a renown copywriter and marketer out of Utah, once had a 38% conversion rate. Mr. J then mentioned that old direct respond marketing mailings no longer applies. I didn’t mention to Mr J. that Brian only does this type of marketing today and earns top dollars and royalties.

And he didn’t think much when I told him about Ben Hart. Ben’s claim to fame is that he generated a half billion dollars in sales over a 20 year time frame. Now Ben used to be a create director, director response copywriter and marketer, and a former presidential speechwriter.

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And that’s not all. Ben wanted to get into the lucrative world of Internet marketing. He did things the old fashion way and taught himself. Then he set up an Internet site geared to teaching business how to market. I know! I used to be a member for several months. I estimated – based upon membership date and monthly membership fees – that Ben was generating over a million dollars a year in revenue.

Or let’s take the messages I get that cold calling is dead. In an ezine article by Diana Schniedman, she talked about the benefits of cold calling. Diana does marketing collateral for Insurance companies and using this method chiefly to drum up new business. In her first e-book she published, it was the central theme of a couple of chapters.

And she’s not the only one. Peter Bowerman is the author of about 3 – 4 books for writers, helping them treat writing as a business. You know what his favorite marketing method is? Cold calling. Yet Pete Savage – another marketer and copywriter – would disagree. He uses email marketing and showed folks some statistics recently, in the International Freelancers Academy website.

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What should I tell Mr. J? New marketing methods do work, such as viral and Internet marketing. In fact, I have a webinar recording I did for writers. It’s in my About page and you can see for yourself. But let’s not dismiss old school.

If we wish to argue, we need to look at studies and statistics. These are two areas I’m very familiar with, as a former psychology graduate student and Motorola Six-Sigma black belt. But the scope of the studies might be limited. So I’ll leave Mr. J. with this. Just prove via statistics that what we created together really works – and works well – when we finish what we started together.

Don’t forget the social media book review and contest. It’s delayed a bit, due to the book being shipped to the selected bloggers (i.e. I’m one of them). I received the book on Thursday, June 23, 2011.  I wrote back to the sender that due to the late delivery, I will hold the contest and write the review on Sunday, July 3, 2011 (i.e. with corresponding review posted at Amazon).



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