Who will inherit the 9 Billion US dollar spiritual empire – Good Google + articles?

Who will inherit the 9 Billion US dollar spiritual empire – Good Google + articles?

Today we will explore this question. And we will also look at things like Google + articles.

But first, what is this 9 Billion US dollar spiritual empire?

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To view my original post, go to The passing of a popular billionaire Indian guru in the age of social media. This figure named Sathya Sai Baba build up an empire with millions of follows and over nine billion US dollars in charitable assets, set up in a trust fund. But he passed away in April 2011 of various health ailments.

This controversial figure did materialization (i.e. make objects appear out of nowhere), claimed he was an incarnation of God, the reincarnation of a 19th century holy person, had sexual misappropriation claims made against him and was regarded as a miracle worker.

Let’s look at the counter side of this figure:

  • Various stage magicians say they can duplicate the feats of Sathya Sai Baba – including the materialization.
  • In the miracle literature of Hindu, Islāmic, Buddhist, Jewish, Native American and Christian miracle workers, those written about didn’t openly display miracles or draw attention to themselves.
  • The majority of the 200 million plus followers of Shirdi Sai Baba, the 19th century holy man, reject Sathya Sai Baba’s claim to be a reincarnation of him.
  • A contemporary Indian holy person said to have  duplicated the feats of Sathya Sai Baba can be found at Dadaji. This person was a self-made business and family man, called himself an elder brother and refused to be a guru or take money. In fact, he openly criticized the guru tradition.

How can you get your share of the 9 billion empire?

It all boils down to a claim by Sathya Sai Baba. He claims there will shortly be another incarnation called Prema Sai Baba. You can read about this on the Wiki article at Prema Sai Baba.

So if you are a young kid that can:

  • Either do stage magic
  • Do real magic
  • Or something else to impress the masses

Guess what?

  • You can live a life of royalty
  • Inherit access to a trust fund valued over 9 billion dollars
  • Have access to millions of followers pouring money into your kingdom.
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They don’t have any system in place, like the Tibetans use to chose a successor.  From what I understand, Tibetan elders have a child pick out items important to the previous successor – from an assortment of other items.  It’s kind of like Indiana Jones and the German officers picking out the proper chalice of Christ.

But guest what?  I predict the current trust fund trustees will fight potential successor’s claims.

Where to find the real gold

In reality, it’s not any different from the Health and Prosperity gospel preachers who want to be rich from your donations – and not real gospel principles. Or any spiritual, marketing or other business gurus saying you can be rich by following their system – after spending a fortune to know their secrets.

Show me gospel principles like Joel Osteen teaches and I’ll believe you.  Tell me I become rich by helping your ministry to prosper and I run the other way.  Same goes for your “top secret” marketing systems, keys to decipher teachings from “the Secret”, etc.

If you read Launch – Content Management: The Final Frontier – Social Media Book Contest – guess what? You learn Michael spent good money on an Internet marketing guru’s system and followed it to the letter – but it never worked.

You are better off reading the book entitled Launch: How to Quickly Propel Your Business Beyond the Competition by Michael Stelzner or How to Write and Sell Simple Information for Fun and Profit by Robert W. Bly. You can probably get them on Amazon and get free shipping on $25 or more in purchases.

And you can win a free copy of Launch by following the contest rules in my July 2011 blog post!

Google + articles

Let’s check a few:

Universal Video URL service

Please go to vid.ly and start uploading the video files there.



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