Why Tulalip for the Microsoft social network initiative?

Why Tulalip for the Microsoft social network initiative?

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A few days ago, Microsoft leaked about a proposed social network called Tulalip.

In case you don’t know, Google recently created a social network called Google +. There are some great article references from my blog post entitled Who will inherit the 9 Billion US dollar spiritual empire – Good Google + articles?

Why Tulalip?

If you go to the Wiki article on Tulalip at Wiki on Tulalip, it defines Tulalip as “a group of Native American peoples from western Washington state in the United States.”

It’s also the name of some gambling casinos owned by Indian tribes. So it raises some questions:

  • Has anyone trademarked the name? Either Microsoft or the gambling concerns?
  • Isn’t there the potential to offend some Indian tribes? Look at controversies that have been raised with either academic or sports use of Indian names.
  • How did Microsoft come up with that name?

We all know that Facebook is still the undisputed king. And Google +, which is run by the 1000 pound seach engine gorilla – is off to a good start.

In FaceBook Effect – Pit Bulls and Canned Worms?, I show how FaceBook played Google against Microsoft. In the early days, both companies wanted a piece of the Facebook empire.

Now they are competing with solutions to compute agains Facebook.

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Can Microsoft pull this off?

Microsoft has some brainy people. I worked with some when I used to be a Motorola software engineer. But they still need to make something a priority.

Let’s take the task of creating a way to defy spam robots. Google came up with a way called recaptcha at Google Recaptcha.

What is the Microsoft solution? They experimented with a solution where one choses some cats or dogs. It’s a picture game. Pretty simple. It’s called Asirra and it’s found at Asirra. But notice it’s still in the research stage – after years of testing.

Now this dog and cat solution is a great proposal. It shouldn’t take a couple of Microsoft nerds any time to perfect it. So what happened?

It probably got bumped to the bottom priority queue. Yet the Google solution is running and very popular.

Why now?

Why is Microsoft announcing this “possible” social network now? Do they want us to think they have a competitor to Google +?

Actually, I’m in favor of a Microsoft Facebook clone – just as I favor one from Google.

So what’s missing?

What’s missing? It’s a time-frame or project plan, released to the public. Let us know when you will have something for us to beta test. We don’t need another Asirra. We need another Google + or another Facebook.

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Microsoft just brought Skype and I like the acquisition. But I have yet to see what Microsoft will do with Skype.

Perhaps someone is asleep in their PR department. Or in the PR companies they hired to work with them.

Remember the old saying: I’m from Missouri – show me?

If you want me to be excited, give me a time frame when it will be ready for action.

Yet remember – an article at Microsoft leaks social network, swears it’s nothing says this:

“But Microsoft might not need to build its own social network thanks to deepening ties with Facebook. Microsoft is an investor in Facebook and plans to acquire Skype, which powers Facebook’s new video chat.”

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