Now that Google brought Motorola Mobility – what will they do with it?

Let me start by saying I’m very familiar with Motorola. I was a software engineer, project manager and six sigma black belt there for 7 years – in their cell phone division.

Then came 2007 and there were massive layoffs at Motorola. I got caught up in the whirlwind. But I loved what I learned there and everything I was involved in.

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Then this week threw me a twist. Back in January 2011, there was an article entitled Motorola To Split Into 2 Companies: Motorola Mobility, Motorola Solutions at Motorola To Split Into 2 Companies. The company split into Motorola Solutions and Motorola Mobility. Motorola Mobility intergated the Android system into their phone line.

Articles covering the Google acquisition of Motorola Mobility

But this week came the surprise. About a month ago, I wrote about Microsoft purchasing Skype. Now we will explore what Google might do with Motorola. Here are some articles I found this week:

The PC World entitled 5 Questions About Google’s Motorola Buy does raise 5 interesting questions:

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  1. Will Google’s patent play work?
  2. Did Google Buy Motorola To Protect Android From Motorola?
  3. Will Motorola’s Favored Status Have To Change?
  4. Is This The End Of Motoblur?
  5. What Are Android Makers Saying?

Is it for the patents?

Reading through the questions brings some factors to light. Motorola Mobility has a huge assortment of patents. The article mentioned 14,600 worldwide patents with 7000 other pending patents. From my understanding of patents, if you just change one invention element -you can create a new patent application. So the patent collection appears to be a major playing card.

Is it for the TV deal?

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In Why the Google-Motorola Deal Is About More Than Mobile Phones, the article talks about “Google-Motorola Could Give Google TV a Fighting Chance.” But Nokia was also one of Motorola’s key competitors. Would this mean that Microsoft could buy Nokia, with the Windows operating system being inside their phone line?

Is it for more video streaming?

The article Google-Motorola Deal Means More Video Streaming to Android Devices raises an interesting question. The article puts together some good arguments for video streaming being a possible major Google initiative.

What should we think folks?

I think the patent angle makes sense. In the article Why Google’s Motorola Deal Is Like The Book Search Settlement, the patent angle makes sense.

In fact, the article say this about mixed signals:

“During the conference call explaining this purchase, Google send some mixed signals as to what it would do with Mobility. Page vowed that it would be a ‘separate business.’ But he also said that he was excited about the possibilities that it opened for Google, to innovate in hardware. This is somewhat of a contradiction.”

It’s certainly true that there’s not much public statements coming from Google or Motorola, as to their plans. We certainly have seen come columnists and experts chiming in with opinions this week.

What do you think?



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