What can we learn from the great Twitter unfollow experiment?

What can we learn from the great Twitter unfollow experiment?

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This week, I came across an interesting article entitled The Great Twitter Unfollow Experiment of 2011: The Great Twitter Unfollow Experiment of 2011. The author was Chris Brogan. In essence, he said this:

“This week, I unfollowed everyone on Twitter. That was over 131,000 people. I didn’t do it manually, but rather, with some help (ask @jesse, if you need custom help like that).”

Chris didn’t say what that special help was. I know from using Tweeter Karma that the bulk unfollow is no longer available on Twitter. I can only guess it was some programmable attempt.

Why did he do that?

He answers the question this way:“ My reason was that I’d started receiving over 200 direct message spams a day. (These messages said things like ‘lol, look at this funny photo,’ with a link that would enslave my account to send similar messages.)”

Sorry Chris – I don’t agree with you

Chris seemed to go to a lot of work in unfollowing about 136 thousand people – then slowly following them again. It did make for an informative blog post. But I think you can recognize patterns here:

  • Is this really you in that photo?
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  • What you did was shocking in this photo.
  • Why are you doing this in this photo?

It kind of reminds me of a story someone told me. They met a bum outside the Chicago art institute. They gave him a sob story and he gave them some money.

A few months later, he bumps into the same guy again. He gives him a different story.“Don’t you remember me?” he asked. “I saw you a few months back and you told the story about…

Nigerian email schemes 

They are tricks and after a while, you recognize the patterns. It’s like these emails you receive from Nigeria or similar countries. In the email, it gives some fantastic story about having millions of dollars. Either a rich uncle died, they want to invest in you, they want to help your Christian mission, etc.

But that’s not all. They just happened to find you – an honest person – and they want you to help get the money to the USA. For your help, you get a handsome percentage.

Now if you fall for this trap, they will stall on giving you the money. There will be all kinds of excuses. But if you send them some money, they will speed things up.There are other variations – the process is the same: get money out of you.

And don’t worry. I’m no fool! It would take a good stretch of imagination to fall for the Nigerian scams.

I was fooled also

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Don’t worry, Chris – I fell for the Twitter schemes myself.  Once I opened a message that said “look at this funny picture of you,” or something to that effect.

Then I noticed that software was sending messages with my name on. So I just send a message with a link to the scheme; talked about in a forum.I learned my lesson.

Someone is trying to trick me and my followers

But I recently have gotten replies to my posts from some women. Now all this did was post a link and none of them were my followers. Yet if you click the link, it links to a porno site. None of them were followers of mine – nor vice versa!

After falling for it twice from 2 difference women, I refuse to open any more links. In fact, I have a feeling someone is behind this attempt to make me look bad. I even have a good idea who they are. So I’m publishing this info here.

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