How to Decide if You Need Help with Your Business’ Accounting

Today’s post is by Bert Doerhoff CPA.  More on him and his firm at the end of today’s post.  – Randy Kemp

If you own or run a small business, you may be asking yourself if you need help with your accounting. Of course you have the ability to do the work yourself, but should you?

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For many business owners, the cost of hiring a firm to do their accounting is enough to scare them away from the idea. But as business owners, you are learning everyday to make decisions that will help your business in the long run. It might be cheaper to do the accounting yourself today, tomorrow and this year.  However, it may cost you the success of your business.

That might sound very extreme, but a firm that specializes in accounting will do more than just file taxes for you. They can interpret the numbers coming from your business and give to the backbone of your business.

An accounting firm can tell you when expenses are creeping up to a point that is undesirable. They can compare your numbers to industry standards and point out areas where you can save money and/or improve efficiency.

Most of all, they can help you make informed decisions when the competition is most fierce. They can act as a business partner who is just as invested in your success as you are.

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An accounting firm can offer a support system that will allow your business to run more efficiently. With an outside firm doing the accounting, you will have more time to help with front-of-house activities. This way, you can focus on driving customers into your store or to your website instead of stressing about the little things.

We all know that running a small business requires great decision-making skills and an attention to detail. Saving yourself from extra stress will allow you to control the parts of your business that you love.

So if you are looking for some relief from the responsibilities required of you at your business, contact us. We offer a variety of services, including small business bookkeeping in Missouri and nationwide.




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