A group that scientifically validates spiritual healing?

Is spiritual healing a last resort

Is spiritual healing a last resort? Most of the time, I find people coming to this healing modality after all conventional approaches are ineffective. The doctors say there is no hope. The tests all say the disease is terminal.

Any interesting spiritual approach

Recently I came across an interesting historical spiritual healer in Germany. His name is Bruno Groening. You can find out more about him on Wiki at Wiki on Bruno Groening and their official website at Bruno Groening Circle of Friends. Some other historical spiritual healers are found at Bruno Groening and other historical spiritual healers.

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There is a group in Chicago called the circle of friends and I recently made contact with them. If you have read my blog, you know I am a big fan of having traditional medicine, alternative/complimentary medicine and spiritual healing/prayer all work together. I’m also well versed in traditional homeopathic medicine.

What I like about them

I first learned about this group from Ron Roth’s organization at Ron Roth.  There are some things I do like about the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends group:

  • They don’t ask you to change your religion. This is something I would really need to do, should I want to get deep into something like Christian Science and join their group.
  • They urge you to still use traditional and/or alternative medical help. This means I can see conventional doctors, along with conventional medicine and surgery. Or I can use alternative approaches like TCM or homeopathy. This is used at the same time I use their system.
  • They do have doctors study the healing done.
  • There is no charge for the healing aid.

The scientific study of their healing

The only other group I know of that scientifically studies spiritual healing cases is the Roman Catholic Church. The depth of the Roman Catholic validation of healing done at sites like Our Lady of Fatima is mind-boggling. From what I learned from the Circle of Friends, most of their case validating is done by German physicians.

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A Christian theological compatibility

They also claim to tap into a healing stream. This could also be in harmony with Eastern Orthodox theology, where they distinguish between the essence and energies of God. If they attribute this healing stream to God, then it would be similar to the Eastern Orthodox understanding of energies.

Other healing groups

It does raise an interesting question on Bruno Groening. Do other spiritual groups heal by tapping into the healing stream or do we recognize other means of spiritual healing? If we explore deeply, we can say that the following can do healing that seem miraculous:

  • Christian Science (i.e. Mary Baker Eddie) and Infinite Way (i.e. Joe Goldsmith) practitioners (I do listen to the Joel Goldsmith taped lectures via the Chicago group).
  • Native American ceremonies (I have been a guest in Lakota and Ute ceremonies)
  • Chinese Qi Gong masters
  • spiritualists like Harry Edwards
  • Pentecostal services (I’ve been on the receiving end a few times.  It was a former Chicago area, Roman Catholic priest with the gift of healing)
  • shamans
  • saints of the Christian (i.e. Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic), Islāmic (i.e. Sufi) and Yoga traditions

Would we conclude that the approach of Bruno is the most effective and easiest way to spiritual healing, for average folks like me? Or do all the various approaches somehow tap into the healing stream?

We could also extend that question to any medical system that basis their system on some energy modality.  Can we say that systems like Traditional Chinese Medicine , homeopathy or Ayurveda, tap into this healing stream?

Chicago area talk

They are having a free talk on October 14, 2011 – 7:00 pm, presented by an Austrian medical doctor.. The talk will be at the Courtyard by Marriott O’Hare in Des Plaines, IL. All USA and world lectures can be found on this website link at Bruno Groening USA MD lecture schedule.


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