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It’s strange, isn’t it? When we receive a medical diagnosis that we need surgery, have a terminal disease, etc. – guess what? It’s common to seek a second medical opinion.

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But why don’t we do it for other professions? Why don’t we do this for business consultants, SEO experts, Social Media consultants, marketing professionals, etc.?

My experiences with SCORE and SBDC is that the advice is very good. But it might not be right on the money for all situations. This is why I reserve the right to seek another opinion. Perhaps the counselors background is not familiar with our business aims.

Let me share some stories where it was wise to seek a second opinion. I won’t mention the business names but will call them A, B, etc.

Example 1

In the first case, I took an auto in to mechanic A. The windshield wipers were not working. He looked at the system and said I needed to replace certain components. The total cost would be around $400. I politely said I’ll get back to him.I took it to a second mechanic. He mentioned the vacuüm wasn’t functioning right and it would only cost $20 to tune it. It worked perfectly after the tuning

Example 2

I have a furnace that’s around 10 years old. For a couple of years I didn’t get it cleaned. Then it went out. The furnace A guy cleaned it. But to insure it worked properly, he recommended around $1500 in new parts. I politely said I’ll get back to him. That was last year. The furnace worked perfectly the entire season.

This year, I decided to try service B. The technician cleaned the furnace and did a safety check. Guess what? He said it was functioning perfectly and would last a few more years.

Example 3

I had mechanic A rotate my tires. They mentioned that my Hyundai Santa Fé is coming up for the 60 K maintenance tune-up. They recommend putting in some part that would only cost around $80. But the labor to put it in would be around 6 hours. The total bill would be a few hundred.

Now Hyundai doesn’t recommend this service.

Now when I finally get close to the 60 K service, I’ll get an estimate from a couple other auto repair places I know. I’ll bet none would recommend what mechanic A endorses.

Example 4

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Sometimes you can’t get a second opinion. If you read last week’s blog post, you will learn about the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends. You know that since the early part of this century, they had medical doctors validating this healing.

I give some flyers to  an international organization.  I ask the bookstore manager to put them in their bookstore.  Now in the past, they have displayed flyers on Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, meditation, yoga, etc. They say they want to give it some thought. You see, they don’t want to give the public the impression a healing modality is medically sanctioned

But here is the issue. For years, they endorsed Therapeutic Touch. This is a healing modality practiced by nurses. Now one of the past presidents promoted it. This healing modality has been used in hospitals.

The other was a PhD professor of nursing at New York state university. She had a few generations of PhD nursing students conduct research on Therapeutic Touch. Many were double-blind studies and I even looked at a few thesis examples myself. The most successful experiments were conducted among pain relief.

So they endorse and promote therapeutic touch, which was researched by PhD nursing students. Yet they are afraid of a healing modality around since the early 20’s. Only because medical doctors are giving the lectures and validating the healing modality?

And just last week, I talked to a friend’s son.  He’s in his four-year of medical school.  He says the school is making alternative/complimentary medicine in the curriculum.

Here’s what I suggested the manager do

Suppose any outside scientist (i.e. not affiliated with your group or friends of mine) would to look at my examples of Therapeutic Touch and the Bruno method – including the presentation by nurses/doctors and research by nurses/doctors.   They would have to conclude that the same principles of scientific method and logic applies. It shouldn’t matter who started a discovery – nor who scientifically validates it. The same rules of science and philosophy apply.

Please do this, regardless if you do or don’t decide to post the literature. Why don’t you and perhaps some other staff members attend the lecture yourself? This way, you will be better informed if they have another lecture in 2012 and I approach you wish some more literature.

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It would even be better if the you and/or the staff members are familiar with and experienced therapeutic touch. This way, you would have some healing modality to compare/contrast it with at the public lecture.
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Here’s a couple of points from Bruno Groening directives to consider:

  •  The Circle of Friends is non-denominational and is not connected to any religion. People from all the great world religions belong to it.
  • In accordance with Bruno Groening’s example, there is no diagnosis, therapy, examination or treatment in the Circle of Friends. Medication is not recommended, prescribed or distributed, nor is anyone advised against visiting doctors or undergoing therapies or operations.
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My second opinion:
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The manager was very nice and decided to display the flyers.  But I did have to render a second opinion first.
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From my perspective, a person can receive traditional medicine and surgery, homeopathic medicine, Therapeutic Touch, Bruno Groening healing approach and prayer support – all al the same time.

Ask for a second opinion.

Don’t get locked into one source of advice – especially for a fee. This is not only true of medical services but any business service. It even applies to free ones like SCORE and SBDC. Reserve the right to contact another SDBC center or another SCORE adviser. Seek a second opinion.



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