Perry: What has your church and Mormonism done for US unemployment?

You follow the US news, right? At The Atlantic Wire, there is a story entitled “Perry Backer Accuses Romney of Belonging to a Mormon ‘Cult’”.

Now to be fair, not every US president was a Protestant Christian. Just view the Wiki article at Religious affiliations of Presidents of the United State entitled Religious affiliations of Presidents of the United States. Some actually embraced Deism, some embraced Unitarianism, and a couple were Quakers.

But that’s not the big question. We have had chronic unemployment here for a few years. So let’s ask this question:

  • What has Perry Backer’s church done to help reduce unemployment?
  • What has the Mormon faith done to help reduce unemployment?

For the record, I am not Mormon. I belong to the Christian faith and I’m somewhat familiar with the theologies of Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, and Protestantism. And I’m familiar with the doctrines of Mormonism, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, and Buddhism. So if I write on what Mormonism is doing about unemployment, it’s not as a faith-based member.

My personal story

I was part of the several thousand people Motorola laid off. Motorola did pay for an agency to help us find work – for a couple of months. Afterwards, I used the services of Roman Catholic, Protestant, Mormon, Jewish and non-profit agencies. And I spent several months using these various free services. The most help for me came from the Mormon, Catholic and Jewish sectors.

In Lisle Illinois, the Mormon faith has a free employment service (i.e. one of many in the US and abroad). It’s called LDS Employment Resource Services and I spend several months using their services. The caliber of the LDS services is very high. They do have virtual offices you can use and counselors that aid with resumes, cover letters, etc.

Here’s one thing I would add. Nobody from any of the Mormon, Roman Catholic, Protestant or Jewish centers would try to convert me. I did have some Evangelical friends out of work. They would refuse to seek any help from a Roman Catholic or Mormon employment resource. Yet I’ll bet they wouldn’t refuse medical services based upon a doctor’s religious beliefs.

On Friday, the Mormons had a job club where folks could meet each week. To be fair, there was also a job club at some Roman Catholic churches. Even the College of Dupage had a job club – you just needed to pay $5 a month.

The LDS employment agency held a half day seminar devoted to starting your own business. Later I branched out to using SCORE and Small Business Development Center resources.

I would also urge you to use Roman Catholic, Protestant and Jewish services, as well as non-profit and community college employment services.

Note to Perry:

Not all historical US presidents were ‘traditional’ Christians. Can you please answer my original question? What has Perry Backer’s church done to help reduce unemployment?



2 thoughts on “Perry: What has your church and Mormonism done for US unemployment?

  1. I have had undeniable different experiences with Mormons in 2 major cities in Canada, while they were initially friendly mainly they would not lift a finger to help me, or try to get to know me some more , cause i was not a Mormon.. or I openly refused to become one. Also I am not impressed when they mostly lie to me by claiming they follow and read the Bible.. cause when I next ask them what Bible.. oh they have different bibles and not the solely the KJV holy bible.. so it is not surprisingly that most of their doctrines now are UnChristian. They seem to have an weird explanation for each of their deviations too.

    (1 Tim 1:4 KJV) Neither give heed to fables and endless genealogies, which minister questions, rather than godly edifying which is in faith: so do.

    (Titus 3:9 KJV) But avoid foolish questions, and genealogies, and contentions, and strivings about the law; for they are unprofitable and vain.

  2. My post today is neither an endorsement nor a refutation of what they teach. Nor can I comment on how they behave outside their employment services. I do know they have various employment centers around the US and elsewhere. I have noticed that most taking part in their employment services in Lisle, Illinois USA were non-Mormon. I also know from observing and talking to them, that most were pleased with the services they received.

    Mainstream Christianity does have many difference lenses by which they see things. As you probably know, the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches don’t side with Sola Scriptura. ( Nor do most Protestant Christians side with a King James only scripture movement ( Most would state that later translations are more accurate, since they have later material available for the translation work.

    The Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and most major Protestant denominations would side with you on this: what the LDS church teaches is outside of mainstream Christianity.

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