Did you dance the Black Friday Shuffle?

Black Friday definition

Let’s start with a definition at Investopedia [dot] com. It says Black Friday (i.e. Thanksgiving) is, “The day after Thanksgiving in the United States. Retailers generally see an up spike in sales and consider this to be the start of the holiday shopping season. It’s common for retailers to offer special promotions and to open early to draw in customers.”

So if you live outside the US, then this definition should enlighten you.

For me, shopping on Black Friday is akin to doing the Curly Shuffle. It’s a tune done by the country and western band called Jump ‘N’ The Saddle

A tale of 2 Shell gas stations

Last week, I presented a blog post entitled Do corporate geniuses forget periods at the end of sentences?. In the post, I presented a Shell station competing with a similar station – across the street. Since the post, I’ve noticed this Shell station is matching the gas price of its rival. I hope the employee inside got a promotion or a big raise.

Black Friday sickness spreads to Canada

I thought Black Friday was an US disease – but I was wrong! It appears this dreadful epidemic is spreading to Canada. It’s all in the article entitled Black Friday makes mark in Canada at Black Friday makes mark in Canada. What’s the world coming to?

You Tube videos depict the madness

Let’s view a couple of You Tube videos depicting this madness. First we have one shot at 4 AM at a Target store:

Notice all the dolls one woman brought? It looks like the same type to me. Is she a doll scalper?

Here’s one shot in 2007

Notice the people getting knocked down? The newscaster mentioned one person blaming the store. Something about a “lack of security.” I guess they don’t have training in riot control?

This is a row of Cash Registers at a Target st...
Image via Wikipedia

How bad does it get?

I listen to the news on WFMT classical radio in Chicago. According to them, I think the figure is 156 million people are expected to shop on Black Friday.

There was an incident where a woman sprayed fellow shoppers with pepper spray. It happened at a Wal-Mart in Los Angeles, California. See:

ABC news mentioned that it’s best to wait for certain items – like TVs. Since I wish to get a new plasma TV – coupled with the fact I don’t want to fight crowds – I’ll wait.

Happy Thanksgiving on Black Friday in San Fran...
Image by Steve Rhodes via Flickr

The company HubSpot came up with a blog post entitled 26 Mind-Blowing Black Friday Statistics [Data] 26 mind blowing black Friday statistics. They also have an interesting Infographics post at 7 Fascinating Black Friday Infographics. They do have a few interesting Tidbits. One was a bit off from what I remember on the WFMT news. Here’s the ones I found interesting:

  • As many as 152 million people plan to shop this weekend, up 10 percent from last year and the biggest expected turnout ever.
  • Black Friday shoppers will do most of their shopping at Walmart and Best Buy according to an analysis of Twitter conversations.
  • One in four consumers often or always use a mobile device to compare prices while shopping in a store, and 64 percent do so at least occasionally.
  • Some 34 percent of shoppers said they plan to shop on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, up from 31 percent last year and 26 percent in 2009.

It should be noted that the HubSpot employees didn’t conduct the research themselves, but compiled the data from other sources.

Two stores worth mentioning that moved into the Chicago area: hhgregg and Ross.

Me? I plan on shopping online and post Black Friday in-store shopping.

P.S. – I have added later data and video info from this year – check the comments section.



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  1. Here’s another good spending breakdown. A City-by-City Guide to Americans’ Black Friday Spending http://bit.ly/vCEBaC

  2. Here’s a good video of what happened at Walmart this year: Black Friday Shoppers Destroy WalMart Displays [VIDEO] http://on.mash.to/w0MYmR

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