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Today’s guest blog post is by Sean Kennedy,  who is a guest writer on the a variety of subjects including business, electronics, and social history. – Randy Kemp

The American Revolution gathered ground due to the technology of the printing press.  Spread out colonies and rural landscapes of the new world made communication sparse and organizing a movement impossible without the use of a machine that could carry propaganda far and wide.  Today the social media and communication websites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and cell phone access to these networks progress movements like the “Arab Spring,” Lybia’s recent civil war, and America’s Occupy Wall Street movement.  Protests have a reach never seen before that is giving them power no one could have imagined 50 years ago.  Get deals using Dell coupons and link in with protestors 3,000 miles away!

When the protests originally began in Manhattan, most people, including myself, thought it would last a couple of months and then die out.  We forgot about technology’s ability to fuel a fire.  The mainstream media may choose to shun or minimize reports on demonstrations, but anyone with a smartphone can send a video of police brutality or financiers drinking champagne on Wall Street balconies, upload it online and voila—the video goes viral.

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Mob Mentality is a real psychological phenomenon.  Julius Cesar knew this, as he pandered to the roman mob, knowing full well their numbers could not be suppressed in unison.  OWS gets scoffed at by government officials and business leaders, but the word keeps spreading, people remain unemployed and homeless, resulting in a steady stream of activism nationwide.   Do you think Marie Antoinette would ever have said, “Let them eat cake” if she could have imagined her neck meeting the blade of a guillotine?

The Dark Ages are a thing of the past and communication is the weapon of choice against oppressive forces.  It is difficult to predict the outcome and long term effect of these kinds of movements in the modern world, but one thing is for sure: stay plugged in.  Secrets have no place where progress is concerned.



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