Treating Cover Letters as Sales Copies

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There are many formats for sales copies and cover letters.

Combining their purposes is not done as often as should be.

How and why to use sales copies to make great cover letters:

To truly reach an audience, it is important to touch the hardship they have experience first, than display how and why the advertiser knows it, either personal experience or vicarious observation. After this relationship solidifies you become the statue or model of success in triumphantly conquering the pain or hardship.

Do not jump into the benefits but rather create a scene where the benefits exist, like the light at the end of a tunnel and describe how you have made it through the dark and into the light. Once in the light, you can gloat about your success and keep the fire burning, but not a moment sooner.

Please watch this video by copywriting genius Frank Kern about finding your “core” self before reading another word.

This is where cover letters can be instantly transformed from a plea for a position to a certification that you’ll do the job right every time.

Old Format (Just in case)

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Sell yourself as the right person for the position
  3. Give the audience an action step, i.e. call me at home

New Format

  1. Draw attention to the problems the position deals with, hit pain points
  2. Show why you know the details of the positions, make relationship
  3. Develop the solutions through a short personal example, take them by the hand
  4. Demonstrate your expertise, explain what benefits you offer
  5. Confidently tell the employer the next step, call or email for an interview, give action

Most cover letters follow a similar format not related to sales copies. First, tell employers who you are. Next sale yourself as the best for the position and finally be kind and follow up. The problem is that after seeing thousands of these cover letters, the hirer becomes convinced that the pain does not exist. Some even quit looking and start reading the first paragraph, so imagine your cover letter slipping in there to lighten up the heart of a hiring employer.

Sales copies follow the same format but in cover letters there is only one page so make every word count and speak first person without using “I” too much. Many sales copies focus on answering a question related to a pain point the product solves.

A hiring manager has pain points he wants solved or he would not be hiring in the first place. For example, he wants a new cook to help out for lunch rushes. The cover letter could start out, “Home-style cooking in a fast paced kitchen can change to first-time cooking in a flash.” This reminds the employer just how bad he wants to hire someone who understands this pain.

Try it out and let us know your results.

By: Richard Nelson at Freelance Science Writing



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