LDS employment service advice and why use multiple browsers

Here’s some advice I gave to a friend in Michigan this weekend. Keep in mind I neither belong to the Church of Latter Day Saints nor do I follow and subscribe to their theology.

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My advice

One of the best services I found for both job hunting and is the Church of Latter Day Saints. You don’t need to be a member to use their services and they don’t try to convert you – unless you start the inquiry. I used their employment services in Lisle, Illinois during the year of 2008.

Anyway, if I go to their website at LDS jobs and click on the link looking for a good job,

Looking for a Good Job?

it takes you to a search. I searched for Michigan and got 2 centers in Detroit. I then clicked on find a center

Find a Center

to start the search. I then choose USA and Michigan. I got two centers in Detroit. If I click on the first link, I get LDS jobs. Here’s what it says:

Whether just starting out in your career or well established in your career, LDS Employment Resource Services (ERS) can help you carry out your career goals. The employment center offers one-on-one coaching, workshops and a large database of employment, education and self-employment opportunities. By visiting the center you learn the most effective job search practices, build your network and find resources to help you further your education or manage a successful small-business. “

We recommend that you log-in and begin creating your profile on LDS jobs prior to visiting the employment center. Even if an employment center is not close enough for you to visit, LDS jobs offers many online resources. If you wish, an employment adviser can also provide assistance over the telephone or through e-mail.”

Here’s What I said:
I advice you to create a job profile at LDS jobs, so you can use “an employment adviser can also provide assistance over the telephone or through e-mail.” If you can’t find a contact, then call one of the Detroit resources to work over telephone or e-mail. I have found their advisers to be professionals they hire (i.e. they are also church members, but with the right secular academic and work experience for the position).

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Why multiple browsers

As you probably know, there are multiple browsers out there. For Windows, some of the most popular are Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, FireFox and Opera. Given that most people are connected via high speed (i.e. broadband connections), speed is not much of a factor.

So why run different browsers?

Because I can’t do all functionality on one browser. Maybe it’s my configuration – don’t know. Besides Internet Explorer, I run Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Maxthon.

For the longest time, I couldn’t play the Publishers Clearing House number games, where you choose several numbers. I usually do a quick pick. It never worked on Internet Explorer for some reason. I recently kept Opera as my default browser. The games now work perfectly. I can even play the new Publishers Clearing House casino type games perfectly.

Besides that, I can’t open my gmail Twitter following announcements in Firefox. But I can open Gmail and my Firefox announcements perfectly in Chrome.

So the next time something doesn’t work in one browser, type the same functionality with another browser. You may be pleasantly surprised.




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  1. Speak of the devil’s counter-part, I just had a phone interview for a chance at a long-term contract working in the SMM department of a Christian communications company. Thanks for the LDS information Randy.

  2. Interesting Post , Many thanks. living in North of Scotland it’s nice to find a fine bloglike yours, especially with goodadditions like the one above. Many thanks and keep up the fab work.

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