Some good computer security tips and the Christmas Story leg lamp

Some good tips for home and business computer security

There’s a good weekly newsletter called Terry’s computer tips, which you can find at

Terry’s computer tips. Today I like to highlight some simple and effective tips from his newsletter archives. I will also offer some insightful commentary on the tip tidbits.

Free protection alternatives:

“There are free alternatives for protection, although the licenses often limit you to running them on only one PC and only for non-business use (and otherwise need a paid license).”

My commentary:

It depends.

Microsoft Security Essentials
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Microsoft Security Essentials:

I If you run Windows operating system, I would look into Windows Security Essentials .  According to their website,:

  • “Microsoft Security Essentials is free* and we designed it to be simple to install and easy to use.”
  • “Microsoft Security Essentials is available for small businesses with up to 10 PCs.”


It’s a good open source project found. But it lacks a real-time monitor. Here’s what they say about the future of the real-time monitor at ClamWin real-time monitor

“However an average user with little knowledge about online and computer security the on-access part is a must and the ClamWin should be used only as a complimentary scanner. We are developing it and will release it in the next major version update.

User a router for added protection:

“If they’re going to connect to a phone company’s DSL Internet service or cable company’s cable-based Internet service, they should buy a cable/DSL router to add some extra firewall-type isolation from attacks from the Internet. Today, the wireless router is common and inexpensive — you can actually buy wireless routers, and turn off their wireless functions, cheaper than buying some wired-only routers. Remember that the wireless routers also have wired connections.”

My commentary:

I run my computers with 2 wire connections, via a LinkedIn wireless router. I’m 100% in favor of this recommendation.

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Run the WinPatrol software:

Another protective software that I run on all my Windows PC‘s is WinPatrol. It’s available as a free program and as WinPatrol Plus, which has a few more functions and gives access to the WinPatrol knowledge-base about installed programs (good, bad, uninstall, ok to have installed, etc.)

My commentary:

I run the free version of WinPatrol software. I think Terry gets a kickback for recommending this software as an affiliate. The free version is just as good and serves the security purpose.

Red Rider BB Gun Movie lamp

Have you seen a Christmas Story?  It’s the story of the little boy wishing for the Red Rider BB gun.  He probably was a genius, following the principles of the health and prosperity gospel, The Secret or New Thought.  Why?  Because in the end, he got his desired object.  He visualized it.  He dreams about it.  But  when the father wanted the lady’s leg lamp, he could have made one from the directions at Build Christmas Story Leg Lamp.

Or he could have brought one at Walgreens.  It turns out they are selling replicas for around twenty dollars each.


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