Did DC Comics launch 52 new books just to test potential movie markets?


Tintin goes to BrusselsTintin comes to the big screen


If you watched any of the summer movies, some of them were centered around superheros or comic book characters. Now we find Steven Spielberg going to European comics to find Tintin. In the article entitled In Superhero-Loving America, Tintin Has An Uphill Battle To Become The Next Batman at Is Tintin the next Batman, we find this insight:

“Tintin joins properties like Captain America, X-Men, Green Lantern, Cowboys and Aliens, and Thor in the seemingly endless cavalcade of four-color characters to make it to the big screen. And 2011 was a relatively light year. For next year, fans are bracing for Batman: The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers, among many others.”

You can find out more about Tintin in the Wiki article at Tintin at Wiki.

Marvel and DC Comics purchased by Warner Brothers Entertainment and Disney

There are two main comic book producers: DC and Marvel, followed by a host of independent producers. Here is what the article said about this:

“America’s two largest comic publishers, DC and Marvel, are owned by Warner Brothers Entertainment and Disney respectively, and their stock-in-trade is superheroes. Disney’s $4 billion purchase of Marvel in 2009 was clearly driven by a desire to use Marvel’s stable of action heroes and proven franchise-worthy lineup (The Hulk, Iron Man, Fantastic Four, etc.) to fill a hole the size of a teenage boy in Disney’s otherwise-dominant pop culture portfolio.”

DC Comics
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New 52 DC Comics launch

Recently I published a blog post entitled How fast is Google Plus growing and comic book business wars at New 52 launch at B2B TechCopy blog. In it, I talked about the new DC Comics launch of 52 new comic book productions. Here’s some insights from the Tin Tin article:

“DC flew under Warner Brothers’ radar for decades, but now the parent company is mining its IP goldmine (which includes Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Justice League and other household-name characters) strategically and not opportunistically. The synergies between DC’s recent ‘New 52’ relaunch of its superhero comics and the release of transmedia properties like the Batman: Arkham City videogame and next year’s Dark Knight Rises movie are much more coordinated both from a marketing and timing perspective than in years past.”

The bigger picture

Do you see the bigger picture here? DC launches 52 new comics and see how the cards fare. They watch the market share and see which ones take off, become popular, etc. Those that make the top grade become candidates for movie deals.

In 2012, we will see The Avengers hit the big screen. Here we will see the same characters that started in Captain America, Thor and Iron Man take part in the movie. I believe that even the Incredible Hulk make a guest appearance.

But the DC Comics has a similar potential team to make the movie cut – the Justice Leaque. This comic is very popular and is hitting the “best” lists of the new 52. Will we see a movie made in the near future?

Marvel movies has had their share of duds – Daredevil, the Punisher, etc. And DC Comics did the same with the Green Lantern movie. The characters of Green Lantern and Daredevil are among my favorites. You just need someone who can write a good script. It’s the foundation of a good movie.




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    Thanks for the above, New writers have often been the cause of some of their own failures when trying to sell their own self-published book. Unlike what many people believe it takes some well thought out planning when deciding what to write if you want to be a successful author.
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