Is it possible to get a live Boost Mobile customer service rep?

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Is it possible to get a live Boost Mobile customer service rep?

This is the question I tried answering this week – right after I signed up for Boost Mobile. You can read all about my experience with Boost Mobile. Just check out last week’s blog post.

When I tried to contact customer service via the toll-free number, I got caught in a maze of options. But there are ways of circumventing this maze. It doesn’t matter if the maze belongs to Boost Mobile, AT&T or a host of other big and little telephone mazes. Here’s some things that may help:

  • If you search for the “right keyword combinations”, you will find discussions on technical sites, Yahoo answers, etc., where they will discuss this. All you need to do is look for what the respondents say.
  • Try contracting an “independent” store that carries and sells the product. Ask them if they know a shortcut for getting through to customer service.
  • Depending on the customer service rep answering, they might give you the answer – if you ask.
  • There is a website that does keep up a list of company toll-free numbers, along with the shortcut to get a customer service representative. Here’s what they say: “This is a simple website list that is compiled by the users, internet resources, user suggestions, a lot of research and phone dialing and a lot of unusual methods. Sometimes a company discovers you know the ‘back line’ or shortcut prompts and they change them so that they can ‘keep up employee efficiency’.”

I won’t be giving “specifics” here. If I do, it’s possible Boost Mobile will be reading this blog and just react to the user shortcuts. Then we begin the cycle again with the hackers discovering the new shortcuts. I did try all the avenues I mentioned above. From those who responded, I have multiple ways I can try.

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My talk with Boost Mobile on Facebook

Here’s a conversation I initiated with Boost Mobile on Facebook.


I have Boost Mobile Unlimited and I love the service. But when I call the customer support number, I get the automated system with automated options. How do you get a live person when you are in that automated system.

Boost Mobile:

“You would have to go through the prompts to get an agent through customer service, you can email us at we would also be able to help you.


Going through the prompts reminds me of watching Mission Impossible. I find that navigating the prompts to a live agent is “more difficult” than other customer service systems (i.e. Comcast). But I did try the email option and I was surprised that it was very effective. I’ll have to see if I get the same email results in future endeavors.

Who designs these automated phone systems anyway?

I don’t know the answer but I can make an educated guess. It’s probably someone or group from IT that doesn’t know a thing about marketing, psychology or any related discipline. If you want my opinion, the designers can be better served by hiring university psychology researchers or clinical psychologists and pair them with subject matter experts (i.e. marketing for a marketing company, technology for a technology company, etc.). Then you might get a system that works the way a human wants it to work.

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A pleasant surprise

I did end up with a pleasant surprise from Boost Mobile. I filled out the customer contact form off their website. I provided an email and phone number (i.e. non Boost Mobile) in the form spaces provided. About two to three hours later, an actual Boost Customer service agent called me. I’m not sure if this will work every time. I’ll try this first before I avoid the system.

I should add I am somewhat tech savvy and won’t contact their customer service on trivia stuff. Boost Mobile is a good addition to my NetTalk, Skype,  Google Voice and ATT bare-bones land line.



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