Google Voice + NetTalk + Dect 6.0

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Google Voice + NetTalk + Dect 6.0

I have my computers hosted on Comcast. They advertise their phone service. Comcast claims to be the number 1 in call clarity. They also claim to have the faster Internet. These claims are reflected in their TV commercials. I don’t doubt the speed, as I have run speed tests on it via online services, which measure such variables as upload and download speed.

When I called Comcast about their phone service, I attempted to get technical details. The phone service operates from the cable modem, out of the second port. I’m assuming you need to first get their Internet service. The customer will also need to buy their own phones.

Sounds good? Not really! The problem is the price goes up after the promo. It could cost you $30+ per month. But there is an alternative. Just get a modem and another VOIP phone service.

  • Not Magic Jack or Magic Jack Plus
  • Not Vonage

You will find out more about them in my past blog posts. Recently Skype is advertising a home phone adapter. It’s available off their website. I look forward to reading some user reviews about it. I did find reviews and customer ratings for it on Amazon. But there are too many negative reviews for my taste.

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The setup I like best

I have had NetTalk for about 2 years and there are no problems. This is run behind a Linksys modem on Comcast. Recently I got a 2 set Vtech Dect 6 solution from Amazon. A definition of Dect 6 is found on Wiki answers at What is a dect 6.0 digital phone?. You can position a set of connected phones throughout your dwelling – they are all connected together via wireless;

If you have all incoming calls come via Google Voice, it acts as a digital phone answering system. One advantage is being able to screen the callers beforehand. I’m eagerly awaiting news for the Google Voice plans for 2013. What will be the calling plan prices for making calls via Google Voice? Will it be as economical as Skype or NetTalk?

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Advantages over land line

There’s some interesting comments at Anybody use NetTalk?:

  • The primary reason I got into this is that I was tired of paying nearly $50/month for a land line….to a company that is somewhat spotty on customer support.
  • A side benefit is that the phone number I got did not appear in white pages…. a benefit I didn’t expect.
  • Another side benefit is that these systems offer features that would probably cost me an extra $50 to get…such as caller ID, three-way calling, etc.
  • I haven’t had any problems with Nettalk, except when my modem failed.
  • $50 for A YEAR?!??! I can’t believe Time Warner has been trying to sell digital phone service for $20-30 a month! Not that I need it. A cell phone for domestic calls and Skype for international calls are good enough for me.

I like the last comment. I also use Skype unlimited calling for $30 per year on my computer. So with NetTalk, Skype, Boost Mobile and Google Voice, I have the best of all possible worlds. And you can set up the Google Voice number to display on Skype via How To Use Your Google Voice Number For Call Display In Skype

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