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What If you look for something to write about during the week, but can’t think of anything? No problem. Just share some relevant questions and answers you indulged in. I’m writing this blog post with Open Office. This open source suite started as a Sun Systems innovation. Then Oracle brought them up and took over the project.

Now Sun Systems is donating the code and turning the project over to the Apache Foundation. Is this good for the consumer? In the long run. But for the short run, there probably won’t be any new releases for a while. It will take time for the Apache volunteers to become familiar with the code.

Now for this weeks questions:

What is the best email client?

The ones that come to mind are Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Zimbra Desktop.

I like Windows Live Mail, since it is an essential part of Windows. It has a very good spam filter. But the problem comes with Yahoo accounts. You need to buy the upgraded Yahoo version to effectively use them with Windows Live Mail. The same thing happens with Mozilla Thunderbird. To solve the problem, I use Zimbra Desktop for all my Yahoo accounts.

I like Mozilla Thunderbird for its great update cycles. But it lacks a good spam filter. I solve this via using the free version of Spam Fighter. I use Mozilla Thunderbird for my Gmail, Hotmail and AOL accounts.

So now there’s no need to really use Windows Live Mail.

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Yahoo cube (Photo credit: dajobe)

Which is the best Cloud based solution for small business?

Note: This person asked this question in a forum for copywriters. I suggested some articles for them but they said that articles didn’t give them any insight. I suggested getting the pros and cons from techies on tech forums. They said they didn’t want answers from techies. I suggested they test different versions. They answered they didn’t want to spend the time.

Here is my last answer for them:

It doesn’t hurt to get the advice of copywriters. But why not also post the question to LinkedIn answers (i.e. open the door to anyone) and in other right groups (i.e. technology marketing or SCORE)? Much depends on the answer angle you wish. If you don’t want the tech person to answer, than which group do you care for an answer from (i.e. copywriter, marketer, CEO, IT, finance, project management, etc.)?

I would seek answers from different business decision makers. But I would consider independent copywriters to be small business owners.

Interesting question. If I had the CEO of Google, Facebook and Microsoft on a panel, whose advice would I value the most?

Floor time. Any copywriters that either work for an agency, company, or are independents wish to voice an opinion?

I’m trying to get started in freelancing but can’t. I’m ready to give up.

Here is part of my answer to inspire them:

I try to think of situations from history. For example:

British author J. K. Rowling was once a welfare mom. Isn’t she worth over a billion now days?

Vincent van Gogh could never sell any paintings while he was living. I believe the exception was one to his brother.

Franz Kafka never published any of his own works. I believe a “friend” of his did so – without consulting him.

Many creators of early day Marvel and DC comics struggled to make a living. America’s two largest comic publishers, DC and Marvel, are now owned by Warner Brothers Entertainment and Disney respectively, and their stock-in-trade is superheroes.

Wasn’t the hit movie and book The Help – #1 New York Times best seller by Kathryn Stockett – rejected by 60 publishers (i.e. thought I heard that comment on ABC news)?

Wasn’t The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand rejected by 12 different publishers?

Not sure if some day I will see a best seller or movie version by XXX. But I hope I inspired you to Keep On Trucking. Good title for a song. Perhaps someone can create a band called the Grateful Dead – allow fans to record stuff free at concerts – then gross $60 million a year in merchandise sales.


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