Microsoft rescues my computer

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What happened to service pack 1?

I’m running the home premium Windows 7, sixty-four byte operating system on 2 computers – one by Dell and one by HP. The Dell computer was unable to install Windows 7 service pack 1.

The Microsoft connection

I was trying different Microsoft recommendations, when I stumbled upon a golden gem. You could speak with Microsoft via chat. I’m not sure where it would lead, but I took the initiative.

A Microsoft representative from India took my case. He assigned me a case number and proceeded to try different remedies. He spent several hours investigating and remotely worked on my computer – with my permission.

He finally diagnosed my problem as corrupt sectors. But I have some ideas on the possible culprit.

Microsoft Security Essentials
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A possible culprit

Nothing has crashed my system more than MagicJack. I ran the application for several months – then pulled the plug. You can find out more in my blog posts. Just do a check on MagicJack. I also had bad luck with MagicJack Plus and wrote about it. You have better luck with Nettalk, which I also wrote about in my blog. Look at the collective user ratings of the two Magicjack products on Amazon. You notice they have a rating of 3 out of 5 – average.

The Dell connection

I had the Dell computer custom build by Dell. It was supported for a year by the Dell Indian team. I bought the computer with the XP operating system and upgraded to Windows 7 through a Dell free upgrade special. But I tried getting a repair disk from them – to no avail.

  • The Dell team had the computer purchase showing I had Windows Vista – not XP.
  • They couldn’t find the notes about the Windows 7 upgrade. One tech found some notes in a obscere place.
  • They couldn’t offer me a repair disk – even for purchase.

My telephone interaction with the Indian Dell support staff was less than stellar. But I was able to purchase an HP repair disk with no problem.

Microsoft again

Microsoft wanted me to have a repair disk. I explained my situation with Dell and HP. Then I presented the HP repair disk.

The Microsoft person decided to install a new version of Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 Byte operating system. He generated a product key and installed it. Then he installed the service pack 1.

I asked the tech to verify everything was OK. It took about 3 hours for him to do it. Perhaps he wanted to insure I was genuine. Doesn’t matter. He could spend as long as needed. In the end, he said everything was alright.

I gave the tech an excellent rating. I could still use my HP computer when he worked on the Dell version.

I’m not saying I’m a Microsoft guy. I do like Microsoft and run their operating system exclusively. But I also run the security package Comcast provides – not Windows Security Essentials. I also run Open Office instead of Microsoft Office. I’ll probably never run Mac or Unix – yet I have nothing against them. It’s just most of the software available is built for Windows. Kind of locks you in – doesn’t it?




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