Give me you Facebook password, your money and forfeit this job

First some good articles

I did promise some friends I will share a couple of good articles with you:




Surrender your Facebook password at work – identify theft?

Have you followed the news recently? Then you heard that some interviewers are asking for Facebook passwords. They want to make sure you haven’t posted anything illegal, immoral or fattening on Facebook. But there are some things that would prevent me from getting a job.

Mind you – only if I kept some things private. Since all my posting is in the public domain, it wouldn’t be an issue. But if I did have private data, what would happen if:

  • I back Obama and the interviewer likes Romney?
  • I root for the White Sox but the interviewer likes the cubs?
  • I’m non-partisan and the interviewer is Democrat or Republican
  • I believe in dialogue and working together with members of non-Christian religions and philosophies. The interviewer is a Christian fundamentalist who feels his point of view is the only right one.
  • I believe in heterosexual relationships but the interviewer is gay.

Actually, Facebook and other social media companies can easily fix this problem. How you ask? Just add a line or two to their policies that passwords are not to be shared. Then the job application just needs to point the interviewer to the social media company policy

Then there is the problem of identity theft. What’s to prevent the interviewer from stealing your info? Mind you, I wouldn’t want to work for a company employing such a person. But it is a problem.


Social Media Outposts


Then ABC News mentioned a new scam

Scam artists monitoring social media accounts call an individual – parent, grandparent, friend, etc. They give some story where they are in big trouble – they need money. This happened to me before. Someone stole my Facebook password. They contacted a friend and had a story where they were in London. They were mugged and couldn’t get back to the US.

How did my friend know it wasn’t me? He took some writing courses with me at COD. He asked the person in trouble for the name of the instructor. The scam artist couldn’t give it. It also took me a few days to convince the Facebook tech support staff I wasn’t scamming my friends. I was a victim of identity theft.

ABC news recommends to have a code word that only family members and friends know.

Ask the person for info on items only the two of you will know.

  • Who won the last chess game you played and what was the winning move?
  • Which of the new 52 DC comics do you like best and why?
  • Who is you favorite slap stick artists – W.C. Fields, Laurel and Hardy, Abbott and Costello, the Marx Brothers, the Keystone Cops or Buster Keaton?

You get the picture – so does ABC news.


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