It’s easy to un-merge an ATT and Yahoo email – NOT!

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It’s easy to un-merge an ATT and Yahoo email – NOT!

But first – some good articles from friends of mine:

The ATT and Yahoo problem

Here’s the scenario.  Several years ago, I used to have DSL service with ATT.  Eventually I dropped them for Comcast.  But I had an old email from Flash Dot Net and this was acquired by ATT, which is how I got ATT to be my Internet service provider.  But they also merged this email ID with one from Yahoo.

No problem, right?  If I want to now un-merge them, I just need to contact Yahoo or ATT – or so I thought.

on ATT towards Durham city
on ATT towards Durham city (Photo credit: sleepyneko)

Initial ATT tech support experience

My first phone call was to someone from ATT tech support in India.  I explained the problem but he didn’t appear to be very technically knowledgeable.  He wanted me to contact Yahoo for resolving the problem.  I protested – said I would contact Yahoo – but complained I would escalate things if I’m referred back to ATT.

Next to Yahoo

So I did a search for a yahoo phone number on Google.  I finally found a number.  If I call Yahoo at 866-562-7219 and hit option 1, I am referred back to an ATT number.

Sounds like Catch 22.

Back to ATT

Well, I called that number.  I explained the problem to the ATT person, gave my old telephone number associated with the account and gave them my two email account names.

This person tried the procedure ATT recommended them to do – without success.  Then they contacted another department, who was supposed to handle these un-merge requests.  They tried but didn’t know how to proceed.

Now what them recommended seemed absurd.  I was supposed to send an email to their abuse center.  I asked what to say in the email subject header and body.  This email was sent several days ago.  All I got was an automated response.  No further email communication was sent to me.

ATT hackers-wozniak and steve jobs
ATT hackers-wozniak and steve jobs (Photo credit: orangeek)

On to the BBB

Then I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau against ATT.  I was reviewed by the BBB headquarters and sent to the headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia (USA).  Some secretary did call me.  She mentioned it was forwarded to a manager in their Internet service division.  I waited to see how they resolve – or not resolve – my BBB complaint.

Here’s what is communicated from the BBB to me:

“*** We are waiting for the business to respond. They have until April 25, 2012 to respond to this complaint.”


AT and T name was brought by a combination of Southern and Illinois Bell merged telephone companies.  In my experience with the new ATT and Comcast, I prefer Comcast by a long shot.  Not that they are perfect.  But I can at least get things done.

I live in a Condo complex.  Comcast will automatically work on inside wide problems.  ATT will charge you – unless you have an inside wire maintenance plan.

Since the BBB complaint was issued, I had heard from a female ATT worker.  My complaint was assigned to someone that was able to drop the Flash dot Net account.  I was then able to reactivate the Yahoo account – minus Flash Dot Net. It should not have been necessary to file a BBB complaint.


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