Getting Started as a Ghost Writer




Getting Started as a Ghost Writer

According to, Ghost Writer is a person who writes one or many speeches, books, articles etc, for another person who is named as or presumed to be the author.

In today’s digital landscape, it is estimated that there over 600 million websites in operation. Many of their owners will need content but lack the necessary skills to write unique and engaging copy that the search engines will love. That’s where ghost writers come in.

Ghost writing is not only for established writers. Everybody has to start somewhere. If you are willing to invest a little time and effort into getting yourself set up and learning the craft, you can reasonably expect to make a decent income from offering your writing skills as a service.

Tips to getting started.

1. Get Online

Networking Freelancers
Networking Freelancers (Photo credit: solobasssteve)

Creating a professional online presence is the first step that should be taken by any aspiring ghost writer. You can create a site for free using basic WordPress services or even with a Facebook page. For an even more professional feel to your profile, consider the relatively small cost of buying a unique domain name and hosting package.

Your writer profile should include some samples of your work. You should aim at having at least ten different samples of your writing. Remember that potential clients may make the decision to hire you based on the quality of these samples, so you should make sure they represent your writing abilities in the best light.

If you have already completed some writing work for clients, it would be nice if you could request some favorable testimonials for your work and display these on your site. You might also consider publishing your rates for different types of writing assignments, although this is a matter of personal choice. Naturally, your contact details should be included.

2. Sign Up for Freelance Writing Sites

There is a huge choice of different freelance writing sites available on the Internet. Even when you are just starting out, it’s a good idea to sign up for more than one. Even the busiest of agencies have quiet periods, and if ghost writing should become your full-time job, there’s nothing worse than finding yourself with nothing to do.




Different sites have varying approaches to how work is allocated, so you should take your time to have a look around several and work out which of them are the best fit for you as a writer. Some require you to purchase credits in order to bid for posted jobs. Other sites are free to join, and jobs are awarded on a first come first served basis but such jobs may well pay less.

The following companies have opportunities for ghost writers. The list is by no means exhaustive, but is a great starting point for anyone serious about pursuing a career as a ghost writer.


– MediaPiston

Demand Studios

– TextBroker


– PeoplePerHour

– Interact Media


When you have set up your writer’s profile and registered with the freelance writing sites of your choice, it’s up to you to start actively seeking opportunities. In the early days at least, you shouldn’t expect clients to be banging down your door to offer you work. Proactiveness on your part is the key to your writing success.

Linda Forshaw is a Business Information Systems graduate from Liverpool in the United Kingdom. She is a full-time writer and published author for sites like Degree Jungle who specializes in social media, technology and entrepreneurship.



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